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Waago Stainless Steel Dog Comb Single Side (22cm)


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Waago Stainless Steel Dog Comb Single Side (22cm)

Waago Stainless Steel Dog Comb Single Side (22cm)

Waago is one of its kind Make in India Brand deals with the whole range of pet products in diverse segments keeping in mind the daily needs & comfort for your beloved pet .Waago products are designed in way to best fit all kind of requirements for varied species and breeds of pets. Pets are one among our Family members. They not only require good food and Nutrition but also needs to be active, healthy and joyful. We at Waago try to offer the best of the products to fulfil the needs of the pets and the pet owners. Waago products bring good health, joy and happiness, making life of the pets and pet owners more Delightful.

Product Detail:
Pet grooming is an important aspect of your pet s health that shouldn t be taken for granted. It should be done regularly to keep the pet s coat clean and healthy. Your pet will look and feel better after a brushing session with the Wahl flea comb. Because your furry friend would probably like to skip the groomer, this comb allows her favorite person to do the primping, which is great for bonding.

Steel Blades
The teeth featured on this pet comb with handle are made out of high quality stainless-steel and this flea comb is effective for removing flea debris, mites, ticks, and dandruff flakes to keep your pet well groomed.

Strength and Durable
Sturdy and great quality. Ideal grooming comb for medium to long haired pets. It can help detect fleas or dry, flaky skin in the early stages, keeping pet s healthy. The result is a gorgeous coat full of healthy shine.

Has Good rubber grip to hold comfortably.

Comes in Bright and attractive color and long durability.

Color:Red and Silver

Features and Benefits:
It is One Sided and finely made with steel. one with normal density.
Keeps your pet more healthy, and help to keep your room clean and makes your pet look Neat always.

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Waago Stainless Steel Dog Comb Single Side (22cm)


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