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Captain Zack Zoey-Shiny & Mew Shampoo 200 Ml


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Captain Zack Zoey-Shiny & Mew Shampoo 200 Ml

Captain Zack Zoey-Shiny & Mew Shampoo 200 Ml

The Captain Zack products comes absolutely no harmful chemicals or substances which ensures happy,shiny and well groomed pets. Captain Zack products are widely used and recommended by pet owners. Read instructions on how to use the product.

Shiny & Mew is a sulphate- free cat and kitten shampoo specially formulated for sensitive, delicate, or dry skin. With the calming and healing effects of Lavender and the deodorizing properties of lemongrass, it s got no artificial fragrance, is low on foam, and absolutely purrfect for weekly use.

Product Detail:
For sensitive, delicate or dry skin
Less Foaming, Gentle Ingredients, Effective Cleansing
Anti-Irritant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Septic
pH Balanced: Ideal for Cats and kittens
Fragrance Free and Paraben Free
Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free
No Harmful Chemicals and No Artificial Fragrances

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Lavender Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Vitamin E

Features and Benefits:
Lavender Essential Oil
Key Benefits:
Bug or Insect repellent

Lemongrass Essential Oil
Key Benefits:
Natural tick & flea repellent
Natural deodorizer
Stress reducer & relaxant

Vitamin E
Key Benefits:
Soothes dry and itchy skin
Healthy and glossy coat

Feeding and User Guidelines:
1. Wet pet s coat with water. Apply Shampoo over the entire coat. No need to dilute the shampoo.
2. Gently massage shampoo into the coat to a rich, creamy leather. For best results, massage and leave in shampoo for 10 minutes.
3.Pay special attention to avoid eyes.
4. Rinse throroughly
5. A weekly bath will keep your pet happy, shiny and healthy

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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Captain Zack

Captain Zack Zoey-Shiny & Mew Shampoo 200 Ml


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