FAQ | Know All About Your Doubt | Mypetz Online Pets Shop
1. Are there any shipping charges?

Mypetz delivers all the orders at your doorstep anywhere in the country without any extra delivery Charges.However, in the event of any change in the company’s policy time to time on the shipping charges based on the order size, distance etc,will duly be reflected in the mypetz web page and application at the time of purchase

2. How are you maintaining safety during the COVID 19 pandemic?

Mypetz ensures that all the resources associated with us in our operations maintain utmost Covid-19 precautions in the warehouse and when out for delivery. Our warehouse items are sanitized and fumigated routinely and our delivery executives take all recommended covid related precautions while picking orders and handing over the order to you directly. Periodical health check and Covid test is a part of our standard protocol

3. How can you ensure timely delivery of my products, especially during COVID lockdowns?

We have partnered with one of the most trusted courier services to ensure timely out of Bengaluru delivery and highly trained delivery executives for same day delivery. However if due to any unavoidable circumstances the order gets delayed, our customer care representative will duly update you priorhand.

4. How do I ensure that the delivery person coming to doorstep is free from Covid

We at Mypetz take extreme care about our customers as well as employees health. Periodical health check up of our delivery partners is a routine process in Mypetz. Every delivery person are tested for Covid 19 and they carry the latest test report, You may anytime enquire with the delivery boy about it and ask them to reveal. Moreover our delivery process is designed in a complete contactless manner.Moreover, all our delivery executives are vaccinated against Covid.

5. How do I check my order status?

Mypetz mobile application is well equipped with embedded technology to update our customers once the order is confirmed, out for delivery and once the order reaches for delivery. You will get a message from us once the order is confirmed and also a timely update regarding the order status.

6. How do I know my order has been confirmed?

After checking out during the payment process, you will receive a message directly in your account and your registered mobile and email regarding your order confirmation.

7. How are the products packaged?

The products are packed in a bag and tied with a self locking cable and placed in bags specially designed for delivery ensuring safety, hygiene and convenience during the transit of the products till last mile delivery at your doorsteps.

8. What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?

Our delivery executive will try to reach you and attempt to deliver the product thrice in a day.
Our delivery executive will contact you on your mobile and may drop the order at main gate security or in any other residence in the same society as per your instruction before it is being returned to the warehouse. Orders returned in the event of no contact with the customer, the order returned to the warehouse will be cancelled and refunded back to the customer.

9. What if an item is out of stock?

Mypetz ensures that all the items have sufficient supply in our warehouse. In case any item is out of stock, you will be notified during checkout and on the product homepage itself. If during the process in any case we are unable to ship any item that you ordered, you will be notified immediately and your payment will be refunded instantaneously.

10. Where can I find the product information?

Product information is available in the product page of our mobile application and website. You may refer to each category of product based on your requirement and can avail all relevant detail for selecting and shortling your product for check out.

11. Does Mypetz accepts COD Payments?

To ensure safer transactions given the present circumstances and for smooth customer return and refund, we have all the type of Online Payment options like Razorpay, UPI, Netbanking and Debit/Credit card,google pay, paytm, phonepe. However we are in a process to introduce COD payment as well which will enabled in the platform as soon as the process is completed

12. Is it safe to use my Credit Card Online with Mypetz

In Mypetz, the payment gateways are extremely safe and secured to ensure end to end encryption via our payment gateway partner/s.

. What is ‘My Account’? How do I update my information ?

You can edit your information once you have logged into Mypetz with your required details. The changes can be made by going to the Profile tab in the app/website and save the edited details.

13. How do I Change the Email ID ?

You can go to the profile page under the home in mobile application/website and edit your login email Id and Password.

14. How do I Change/Update the password ?

You can go to profile page under the home in mobile application and alter your log in email Id and Password as and when you want

15. What do I do if forget my login password

Mypetz supports the option to reset your password by generating OTP via mobile number registered in the profile. There are simple steps which are mentioned in the application login page following which you can restore or change the credentials.

16. What do I do if my delivery hasn’t arrived after a specific time?

We take extreme care to ensure timely delivery of products. However if it delays and does not reach within the stipulated time frame due to any unforeseen reason, you may please contact our customer care through email or by making a call, our executive will respond to you immediately with the latest updates

17. Can I book a delivery slot?

We are providing the same day delivery slot for orders before 1:00 p.m. and next day delivery for orders post 1:00 p.m within Bangalore city. We are providing courier delivery service all across India and deliver in with 3-5 business days.

18. Only Part of my order has arrived. Why?

In rare occasions, if any of the ordered products are unavailable. In such situations, we try to deliver the orders in parts considering the fact that we would at least fulfil part requirement of our esteemed customers, However, in any such event, our customer relationship executive will duly intimate you priorhand.

19. What if I receive short expiry/expired product?

Mypetz follows a stringent quality control SOP to ensure that the correct product in good condition is being delivered at your doorstep every time you place an order with us. However, in case of a damaged or expired product, we will ensure that the amount charged for the product is refunded within 24 working hours.

20. What if I receive a damaged product?

Mypetz always ensures that the correct product is being delivered at your doorstep in proper condition every time you place an order with us. However, in case of a damaged or expired product, we will ensure that amount charged for the product is refunded within 24 hours enabling you to place a fresh order

21. What Do I do if the payment gets rejected during placing order through mypetz app

At times, payments can get rejected because of server and network related issues. Even in case of a rejected payment, our server will notify us the same and our customer care will get in touch with you to help you with the payment process.

22. How can I replace the product I have ordered?

Mypetz always ensures that the correct product is delivered at your doorstep every time you place an order with us. However, in case you want a replacement at any moment, kindly get in touch with our customer care through email or by making a call. We will ensure to resolve the issue within 72 business hours.

23. Under what circumstances would I be able to return the delivered product?

We accept the returns of the product in following scenarios: damaged product packaging, wrong product delivery, expired product. If you have any additional concerns and need to initiate the return, do contact us via customer support between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. IST or email us at care@mypetz.in

24. Would I be able to Exchange my order ?

You may request for any exchange by contacting our customer care centre through mail with the mention of a valid reason for the desired exchange and product details. Our customer service executives will help you out with needful.

25. When and how do I cancel the order?

Your item can be cancelled before it is being shipped for delivery. We will be bringing the cancellation option in the app soon. At present please call our customer care number or email us at care@mypetz.in to request the cancellation and we will refund the paid amount within 3-5 business days.

26. Can I place an order on WhatsApp?

We encourage our customers to place orders through our mobile application as it has been designed and developed as extremely user friendly. However in case you find difficulty in ordering through our Mypetz Android & iOS app & website at www.mypetz.in & , you may request our customer care through whatsapp message at +91 9886502121 to assist you in booking the orders for you.

27. Am I eligible for any reward while ordering products through Mypetz

Yes, rewards are part of membership benefits to customers. Against every Rs 1000 Purchase, you are eligible for 100 rewards points which is equivalent to Rs 10.
Registered Users can redeem all the rewards in the account at any time without any minimum redemption restrictions. Moreover, in mypetz we offer rewards to our customers against each rupee of purchase without any limit of purchase value

28. What is the process to get the refund? And, how long does it take?

Any refund for unsuccessful payment or order cancellation will be credited back to your account within 3-5 business days.

29. How do I find if my pin code is covered under your delivery area?

We are delivering all across India. Please keep a lookout for our announcements in the website and mobile application for latest updates on same day delivery options in your city.

30. How can I book a vet appointment through Mypetz ?

Our Mypetz platform enables you to book an appointment for an on-call consultation or home visit with our preferred, certified and experienced Vet practitioners. The registered users can book a consultation with an onboarded Vet practitioner based on the time slot availability of the practitioner.
The user can select the Vet practitioner for a preferred time slot of consultation and fill the required contact details.
Once the user makes the required payment, the appointment is confirmed with the Vet on the selected day & time slot.
The user’s contact details filled in the form will be shared with the Vet practitioner and Vet practitioner will contact the provided details.
Incase of any query you may request our customer care through whatsapp message at +91 9886502121 to assist you in booking or coordinate the consultation for you.

31. How can I reschedule or cancel the Vet consultation?

The appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled if the user is unable to attend the call, it needs to be communicated to the customer care at least 30 minutes before the scheduled call.
If the user fails to show up for the scheduled appointment or requests a cancellation or rescheduling later than 30 minutes before the call, then no refund can be claimed.
Incase of any query you may request our customer care through whatsapp message at +91 9886502121 to assist you in booking or coordinate the consultation for you.