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Waago Nutritional Dog Chew Lamb Munchies 500 gm


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Waago Nutritional Dog Chew Lamb Munchies 500 gm

Waago Nutritional Dog Chew Lamb Munchies 500 gm

Waago is one of its kind Make in India Brand deals with the whole range of pet products in diverse segments keeping in mind the daily needs & comfort for your beloved pet .Waago Food and Non Food products are designed in way to best suit for all kind of requirements for varied species and breeds of pets. Waago Foods and Treats are specifically designed with Nutritional Ingredients which gives Good health and safety of pets. Treat your pets with this delicious chews with different flavours where your pet loves to eat.

Pets are one among our Family members. They not only require good food and Nutrition but also needs to be active, healthy and joyful. We at Waago try to offer the best of the products to fulfil the needs of the pets and the pet owners. Waago products bring good health, joy and happiness, making life of the pets and pet owners more Delightful.

Product Detail:
Nutritional Dog Chews:

.Fun Chewing time for your pets.
.Helps remove tartar & good for teeth and gum health.
.Good treat for pet training.
.Helps in the natural habit and urge to chew.
.Complete natural protein, full of vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Rawhide, Starch, Permitted flavours & colourants.

Features and Benefits:
Nutritional Benefits:
.Proteins (9.5% per 100 gm).
.Fat (7.58% per 100 gm).
.Energy (336.54 Kcal per 100 gm).
.Calcium & Vitamins as available.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Feeding Guidance:
.Please feed under supervision.
.Can be given as break-time treat, snack or training aid.
.Please adjust this pawlicios treat as pet your pet s diet and health.

Storage Guidelines:
.To be stored in cool and dry place.
.Moisture and wet surfaces to be avoided.

.Please keep Fresh water while serving.

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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Waago Nutritional Dog Chew Lamb Munchies 500 gm


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