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Waago Nail Cutter For Small Size Dogs and Cats

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Waago Nail Cutter For Small Size Dogs and Cats

Waago Nail Cutter For Small Size Dogs and Cats

Waago Multi Nail Trimmer is a perfect choice for giving your pets a trimming beauty. Contains multiple functionalities for all the Breed sizes.

Product Detail:
This pet grooming tools is ideal for small dogs and cats for trimming and keeping them clean always.

Secure Grip Rubber Coated Non-Slip Handles: Ergonomic ‘Easy-Grip’ Handle Design with Extra-Long Non Slip Handles, Perfect For Small size dogs and Cats.

This mechanism enables these clippers to lock with its blades closed. This is a safety feature prevents accidental cuts and damage to the blades by other items kept together with. In order to keep it safe with curious kids, you just need to squeeze the handle then slide its lock for safe positioning

Material:Stainless Steel and Rubber Handle
Color:Red and Black

Features and Benefits:
Trimming safely:When your dog’s nail rests in these blades, you precisely see where you are cutting. No guesswork. It’s design for medium and large dogs and cats such as collies, bulldogs, sheepdogs and spaniels, and large dogs such as German shepherds, golden retrievers, rottweilers, dalmatians, great Danes and Irish setters.

Safety guard prevents over-cutting: Greatly reduce the risk of injury to your pets with the quick sensor safety guard which prevents over-cutting and avoids Bleeding.

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