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Vvaan Schobiz Supplements For Dogs, 40 Tablets


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Vvaan Schobiz Supplements For Dogs, 40 Tablets

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Skin and coat recovery formula with great taste for shiny hair, healthy skin development and coat quality

Composition: Complex of Proactive Biotin, Chelated Zinc, Copper, B-Vitamins (Brewers yeast), Antioxidants and Methionine


Biotin supports production of keratin in hair & claws, maintains healthy connective tissue
Biotin and other B vitamins essential for fatty acid and normal body metabolism.
Zinc: Powerful antioxidant; vital for collagen and keratin synthesis; has healing properties
Chelated Zinc and Copper taken up by intestinal cells more efficiently

Suitable for long hair dogs, white dogs, moulting dogs for perfect hair look
Benefits dogs with Alopecia, dermatitis, dry skin, dull eyes, crusty lesions
Reduces itching and scratching, loss of hair
Strengthens brittle nails l Improve hair thickness and strength
Speeds up coat replacement during moulting
Presentation: 40 delicious liver flavoured chewable tablets

Recommended daily feeding rate: 1-2 tablets per day or as directed by the veterinarian”

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