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Vitapol Karmeo Premium Food For Cockatiel 500Gm


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Vitapol Karmeo Premium Food For Cockatiel 500Gm

Not all birds get rich and favourable surroundings as their habitat majorly due to the increasing anthropogenic activities. Bird food ensures an uninterrupted supply of natural food that provides them complete nutrition. The proper timely availability of balanced diet results in better health of birds and lowers down their mortality rate. Bird food comes in a huge variety customized for particular birds as per their requirement or also a common mix.

Product Detail:
A premium, fortified diet for your feathered friend, Vitapols Food for Cockatiel is a wonderful way to ensure that your pet bird receives a nutritious meal every single day. Enriched with a balanced and delicious mix of seeds and fruit, this specially formulated food is easily digested and helps maintaining your bird s ideal weight. The addition of nuts actively protects your feathered friends s immune and nervous system. After all, a healthy cockatiel is a happy cockatiel

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Yellow millet, red millet, white millet, canary grass, brownie, safflower, sorghum, white, red sorghum, oats, striped sunflower seed, pumpkin shelled hemp, rowan, wild rose, peanut dices, peanut peel, hawthorn, flour corn, raisins, carotene, alfalfa meal.

Features and Benefits:
Complete easily digestible food, made with high quality seeds and fruits
Provides valuable natural vitamins and minerals
Addition of nuts acts protectively on the nervous and immune system
Maintains ideal weight of birds

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