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Vetina Nerve 30 Tablets

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Vetina Nerve 30 Tablets

Vetina Nerve 30 Tablets

Vetina Nerve Tablets , is Responsible for many neuroprotective longevity enhancing benefits.

Product Detail:
Methylcobalamin possess strong anti-stress properties, supports brain health and strengthens nerve function.

Ingredients and Nutritions:

Each tablet contains:

Methyl cobalamin (1%)- 500 mcg
Folic acid- 1.5 mg
Alpha lipoic acid- 100 mg
Vitamin B1 (80%)- 3 mg
Vitamin- B6- mg
Selenium- 75 mcg
Lycopene 6 %- 5000 mcg

Features and Benefits:
Protects nerves from oxidative damage
Maintains integrity of nervous system
Inhibits free radicals formation
Reduces pain, paresthesia and numbness
Reduces arteriosclerosis

Feeding and User Guidelines:

As advised by Veterinarian OR

Up to 10 Kg : ? Tab daily

10 kg 20 Kg : 1 Tab daily

Over 20 kg : 2 Tabs daily

Given orally or Mix in daily food
Individual results may vary

Please consult your Vet before using

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