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SmartyPet Toothbrush for Pet, 1 pc


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SmartyPet Toothbrush for Pet, 1 pc

SmartyPet Toothbrush for Pet, 1 pc

This pet tooth brush is Ideal for all breeds of cats, dogs and puppies. The dual end design lets this toothbrush work equally well for oral care for large, medium and small dogs and cats.

Product Detail:
The soft and gently remove plaque and build-up along the gumline, reducing your pet s risk of disease, cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and gum recession.

The finger dental hygiene brushes give you an easier process for cleaning your pet s teeth.

It s easy to clean and reach the back of pet s mouth; the material is well-constructed, fits on the finger perfectly and doesn t slide off. The unique design of our toothbrush features soft brush bristles and no seam smooth edges allowing you to reach hard to clean areas to remove tartar and plaque without the risk of hard bristles and sharp edges hurting your pet.

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Smarty Pet

SmartyPet Toothbrush for Pet, 1 pc


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