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Tie Out Cable for Dogs (under 120 lbs), 12 feet


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Tie Out Cable for Dogs (under 120 lbs), 12 feet

Tie Out Cable for Dogs comes with bright color and strong material. Suitable for taking your dogs out and keeping them under watch always.

Product Detail:
Made of Alloy material (steel wire); measure: 12 ft.

Do not leave pet unattended when connected to cable.

Pet Dog Tie-Out is made of heavy-duty galvanized cable with strong snaps attached on both ends.

Tie-out cables are ideal to keep your pet close to you and safety equipment.

Easy to use just, simply screw the stake into firm ground making sure that the top is level with the ground. Attach one end of the cable to the firmly secured tie out stake and the other to your dog s collar or harness.

Tie-out Cables are suitable for taking your pet to walk, Tracking, Patrolling, Training.

Size:12 ft
Material:Alloy Material
Color:Red (Assorted colors)
Qnty:1 Pc

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