Pet’s Pot Shaggie Play Mat for Dogs and Cats, Large Size (50×60)

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Pet’s Pot Shaggie Play Mat for Dogs and Cats, Large Size (50×60)

Pet’s Pot Shaggie Play Mat for Dogs and Cats, Large Size (50×60)


Dogs and Cats always need to receive new physical and mental incentives to keep active and fit. The Fringes of different colors and lengths of the Genius mat will be an inviting pastime for your pet who will be challenged to find his favorite snacks hidden in between the fringes, training his ?sense of smell.?

Product Detail:
This mat is suitable for dogs and cats of any size and age. In addition, the cotton bottom provides stability to the mat during the research of your pet. Read the instructions inside to discover some tips to ?make the game with genius even more tempting and stimulating.

Instructions For Use:
remove all parts of the packing before use.
Observe your pet s behaviour with the product for suitability.
Remove and replace the item if damaged.

It is not a toy.
Not intended for children under 14 years.
In case of ingestion, call a vet immediately.

Regularly Clean Genius mat to keep in good condition.
machine washable upto 30 degree Celcius.

Fringes-100% Polyester
Base-100% Cotton

Color: Available in Assorted colors and as per availability.

Size: 50×60 cm

Some Tips on How to Use the Play Mat:

1. As a first step, your pet has to understand that his new Genius sniffing carpet will offer him something good, So many tasty surprises. Therefore, First distribute a few Treats on the Carpet and let him eat. You can repeat this operation several times.

2. After these first attempts, your dog or cat will probably be watching you and waiting for your rewards. This is the right time to start placing your favorite snacks between the layers of fabric so that he can find and eat them easily.

3. As a third step, you can hide and spread the snacks throughout the carpet. Thanks to his sense of smell. Your pet will be able to smell food through the fabric and search his rewards.

4. If, However, he should have troubles finding his snacks, you can help him by placing the treats in easier hiding places in the carpet.

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