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Projeny PROLEPSY Syrup, 150ml


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Projeny PROLEPSY Syrup, 150ml

Projeny PROLEPSY Syrup, 150ml

Prolepsy an ideal tonic for management of nervous symptoms in animals.

Composition:Each 10 ml Contains

Vitamin B1 2.0mg
Vitamin B2 2.0mg
Vitamin B6 1.5mg
Folic Acid 5.0mg
Niacin 25mg
Pantoacid 5.0mg
Citric Acid 35mg
Br Activity 655mg

Added Flavour, Colouring agent & Overages to compensate loss due to storage

Usage: Keeps the individuals calm and quit, reduces the aggression, helps to manage the symptomatic seizures, helps in all types of seizures,safe to use with anticonvulsants

Dose and Dosage: 10ml per 30kg body weight in divided two doses or as suggested by your Veterinary doctor. Drench directly or mix with food

Store In Cool and dark Place.

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Projeny PROLEPSY Syrup, 150ml


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