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SmartyPet Pet Scooper, Small


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SmartyPet Pet Scooper, Small

SmartyPet Pet Scooper, Small

This pet poop scooper is a one-handed grip.Cleans up quick and easy. Using pet waste scooper will ensure your picking up of pet s waste with little effort and this will not dirty your hands too. Please cover the mess with a tissue paper before using scooper.

Product Detail:
Cleans your dogs poop with hassle-free.
Great tool to use indoor and outdoor for your pet.
Easy to clean, just wash and dry or wipe.
Suitable for small dogs.
One handed pick-up design allows you to clean up your dog s waste without even bending over or having to wrap your hands.

Color:Comes in Assorted Colors
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Smarty Pet

SmartyPet Pet Scooper, Small


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