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Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Adult Small Breed Dry Food, 1.2 kg


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Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Adult Small Breed Dry Food, 1.2 kg

Pedigree professional dog food contains Sodium Trypolyphosphate (STPP) to support dental health in dogs, along with Zinc, Omega 3 & Omega 6 for healthy skin and coat and Prebiotics (MOS) to help promote Digestive health, making it an ideal food for dog.

Product Detail:
Pedigree Professional Range adult dog food fulfills the special needs of your dog. The range provides expert nutrition combining high-quality ingredients with the science developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world s leading authority on pet care and nutrition.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Ingredients include cereals and cereal by-products, meat and meat by-products, vegetable by-products and proteins, vegetable oils, fish meal, chicken liver, prebiotics, iodised salt, essential vitamins and minerals, permitted preservatives, antioxidants and flavours. Contains neither beef nor pork.

Features and Benefits:
Soft & shiny skin and coat:
The new Pedigree contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat. It contains a special blend of:
a) Linoleic Acid (Omega 6)
b) Zinc for healthy skin & lustrous coat

Strong muscles:
The new Pedigree has high quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals.

Good digestive health:
a) Pedigree has excellent digestibility: 85%: Fibre from vegetables and cereals for bowel movement.
b) Result in smaller and firmer stools.

Healthy bones & teeth:
a) The new Pedigree contains optimal Calcium levels and right ratio for Ca:P
b) Kibble design: for chewing and mouth feel – good for dental health.

Better immunity:
a) Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from (fresh) meat.
b) Vitamin E which helps in strengthening the dog s immune system.

Feeding and User Guidelines: Storage Information: When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is properly sealed
On opening the pack, store Pedigree dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
It is important to have a feeding schedule to set your bundle of joy up for a long, healthy and happy life ahead.

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