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Me-O Kitten Ocean Fish Dry Food, 1.1 Kg

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Me-O Kitten Ocean Fish Dry Food, 1.1 Kg

Me-O Kitten Ocean Fish Dry Food, 1.1 Kg

Me-O Cat food is a nutritionally balanced and complete cat food. Me-O cat food is highly digestible and cats love its greater taste.

Product Detail:
Cats of all breeds will be Me-O wing for joy with the first taste of Me-O cat food. Me-O elevates the art of Balanced nutrition to a new level providing complete nutrition in a food full of flavour. Your cat will ask for Me-O time and time again. Whole enjoying Me-O s great taste, your cats will also have a long healthy life.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Ground Corn, Chicken meal, Broken rice, Corn gluten meal, Soybean meal, Fish meal, Chicken fat, skimmed milk, Brewers dried yeast, iodized salt, Fish digest, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals, Atioxidants.

Features and Benefits:
Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for the proper functioning of the eyes and to improve the cats eyesight.

Vitamin C: Boosts Cats immune system and helps to reduce environmental stress.

Calcium Phosphorous and Vitamin D: helps strengthen teeth and bones.

Fluid ( feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease).

Omega 3&6 and Zinc: Will help nourish the cats hair and skin.

Protein from milk and Ocean Fish promotes Growth.

Low Sodium : This Formula helps decrease the risks of high blood pressure, Kidney and heart disease in cats.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
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Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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