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Kitty Yums Dry Persian Ocean Fish Cat Food, 1.2 Kg


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Kitty Yums Dry Persian Ocean Fish Cat Food, 1.2 Kg

Helping cats live long and healthy
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Product Detail:
Kitty Yums is a unique cat food recipe specially designed to cater to the nutrional of Persian Cats. It is formulated with ocean fish, such as sardines and mackerel. This meal with more meat and less grain provides your cats with higher level of protein for stronger, bones and muscles. Enriched with omega fatty acids, taurine, prebiotics, probiotics and calcium supports the complete growing needs and overall vital system of your cat. With no soy, corn or wheat, it is a complete and balanced meal to nourish your pet cat.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Ocean Fish , 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Persian cats.

Sardine and Mackerel.

No Corn, Soya and Wheat.

High Quality Protein

Features and Benefits:
Natural Fiber blend helps minimise hairballs while Omega 6 helps give a radiant coat and healthy skin.

High protien nutrition maintains lean muscle and a healthy weight.

Vitamin A & taurine promoters strong vision.

Vitamin E helps build a strong immune system.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
The feeding guidelines mentioned on the pack are starting point abd to keep your cat in an ideal body condition adjust the daily amounts according to your cat’s activity level, physical condition and individual needs. These represent total recommended amount per day. we advise the number of feed should be 2 times a day for the adult age. Clean and Fresh water to be kept always while serving.

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