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Glenand Dog Premium Chicken Treats 500Gm


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Glenand Dog Premium Chicken Treats 500Gm

Delicious chicken treats for dogs of all breeds and ages

Product Detail:
All natural ingredients
Wholesome, baked nutrition
No artificial preservatives
No artificial colours or flavours

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Pure Wheat Flour, Chicken Meat, Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals in appropriate quantities for a balanced diet

Features and Benefits:
Proteins: Growth and maintenance of body & muscles
Iron: Increases stamina and healthy blood formation
Vitamins: Improves eyesight, skin and maintains body tissue
Calcium Phosphorous: For strong teeth and healthy bones

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Feed as a treat, reward or training aid alongwith fresh water in a bowl everyday

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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