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Georgic Feline Daily Booster for cat 300gm


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Georgic Feline Daily Booster for cat 300gm

Georgic is incorporating 3 decades of our grandfather’s sustainable farming values into GEORGIC. This ballad of the 21st century represents peptides to reach sustainable solutions. Georgic is working in the field of insect management and processing to replace the constituents of composition of pet supplements with sustainable sources of Protein

Product Detail:
A full spectrum of daily, solid nourishment for long term well being in a palatable powder form.

Ingredients and Nutrition’s:
Black Soldier fly(BSF) Larvae
Organic Flax Seed
Fish Trimmings
Pearl Millet
Turmeric Powder
Pumpkin Seed Powder
Dried Yeast(MOS)
Probiotic Mix
Vitamin Mix
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Organic Zn
Organic Trace Minerals
Selenium Yeast
Palability Enhancers
Natural Antioxidants

Features and Benefits:
High-Quality Protein, High Digestibility 
Great Nutritional Value and with Probiotics
Rich in Omega 3 and 6, and Antioxidants 
Packed with Vitamins & Minerals Rich in K, Ca, P, Mg
Anti-microbial Peptides and anti-Inflammatory
Environmentally Sustainable, Low Carbon Print

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Dog Wt.(KG) Scoop 5 gm
upto 1 1scoop
1-2 1.5 scoop
2-5 2 scoop
5-10 2.5 scoop
above 10 3 scoop

Simply mix in your pet’s regular food.Amount can be adjusted according to individual dog’s needs

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