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Drools Vet Pro Gastrointestinal Gravy Food For Dog, 150 gm

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Drools Vet Pro Gastrointestinal Gravy Food For Dog, 150 gm

Drools Vet Pro Gastrointestinal Gravy Food For Dog, 150 gm

It is a complete diet for nutritional management of dogs formulated to reduce this stress and promote nutritional restoration.

Product Detail:
Dogs experince stress which may negatively impact their overall health , just like human. Stress causes intestinal microflora imbalance and increases intestinal movement resulting in digestive upset.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
chicken, hydrolyzed fish/chicken liver, liquid Egg yolk, fish pulp, powdered cellulose, fish oil, quinoa seed extract/flax seeds, alfalfa pellet, choline chloride, taurine, lactic acid, iodised salt, organic zinc, organic salenium, iodized salt, vitamin E supplement, l Ascorbic-2-polyphosphate, Niacin supplement, Thiamine mononitrate, Vitamin A supplement, Calcium pentothenate, Biotin, vitamin B12 supllement, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Linseed, Dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, FOS, teast Extract, Sodium chloride. Dry Brewers yeast.

Features and Benefits:
Efficient digestion is essential for your dog to build and repair tissues and obtain energy. Infused with vital minerals, this highly-digestible formula nourishes the beneficial bacteria found in your dog s intestine and helps to digest the food properly. The combination of healthy and highly digestible ingredients in the Vet-Pro Gastrointestinal Dog food helps to eradicate the problems that arise due to sensitive stomach and food intolerance.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT : It is formulated to manage the health of dogs with challenging digestive problems. It provides nutritional support for a variety of conditions like :
Occasional loose stools, upset stomach, or trouble tolerating current food
Colitis, constipation, flatulence
Recovery from gastrointestinal surgery

Feeding and User Guidelines:
This prescribed supplementation provides complete nutrition and helps maintain the good health of your dog. It is an all-breed formula that can be prescribed by vets and nutritionists after examining the condition and nutritional requirements of your pet. It s a complete diet that manages nutrition and promotes nutritional restoration and convalescence.

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