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Drools Ultium Performance Puppy Dog Food 20Kg


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Drools Ultium Performance Puppy Dog Food 20Kg

The real Chicken with high quality with complete and balanced nutrition specially formulated with proper protein and fat levels for energy and growth. These ingredient provides an excellent source of protein help your dog for healthy skin and beautiful coat and helps in healthy Growth

Drools Ultium Performance Puppy Dog Food contains specialized protein formula according to the physiological need of your pet. It is easily digestible with high quality ingredients that contains all the essential nutritional elements. It provides a complete & balanced diet for growing puppies making them agile and active. It is gut friendly and supports optimum absorption in your pet.

Product Detail:
Enriched with Bioplex, Mycosorb and Yea-Sacc for better result in overall pet performance
DHA from natural Fresh oil helps support brain development
The combination of essential amino acids with vitamins and minerals helps to maintain soft and shiny coat
High protein content in the food promotes optimum growth and muscle development
All our raw materials are thoroughly checked by nutritional laboratories to meet the quality & safety standards

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Ingredients: All the essential ingredients are formulated to prepare Ultium Performance Puppy food to provide all the health bene?ts to the growing puppies.

Loaded with high quality protein rich ingredients endure all the health bene?ts in growing puppies.

Adequate supply of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) from fish oil nourishes nerve cells and aids in brain development. A puppy with a healthy brain is more active and easily trainable.

Our protein rich kibbles regulate the metabolism level for excellent performance. This delicious recipe prepared with high quality ingredients boosts stamina in your pet.

Features and Benefits:
Promotes Superior Growth & Muscle Development
Specially formulated with proper ratio of protein and fat promotes optimum growth and development.

Highly Digestible and Healthy
Essential vitamins, organic minerals and the combination of antioxidants support the immune system to maintain the healthy digestive system.

Support Bones And Joints Development
A complete and balanced nutrition for growing puppies providing all the health bene?ts to stay active & agile.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Storage Information: Please make sure while receiving the packet, it is not tampered or damaged. Store it in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Avoid basements, condensation & temperature changes as it encourages mould growth, vermin & bugs. Washing the container & drying it properly before use is also required to keep the food fresh for long time.

How to introduce your pet to Ultium Dry Dog Food ? From the below given chart you can start introducing Ultium Performance puppy dog food by giving small quantity proportionately with the current food. Gradually you need to increase the amount so that by a week you can give complete full Ultium puppy food to your pet. Clean and fresh water should be available at all the times.

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