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Drools Absolute Digestion Tablet Dog Supplement,50 Pieces


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Drools Absolute Digestion Tablet Dog Supplement,50 Pieces

Promotes Digestive health.
Enriched with essential ingredients these tablets support healthy digestive function.
Its administration is easy and relieves you from the hassle of feeding fuzzy eaters.

Product Detail:
Drools Absolute Digestive tables are semi-moist kibbles which are highly palatable and keep your pet’s the digestive system healthy. These chewable tablets are a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics and other essential enzymes that help to break down food for optimal utilization of nutrients.Manufactured ,

Features and Benefits:
POWERFUL PROBIOTICS : Probiotics are proved to survive the dog’s acidic stomach environment.

SUPPORTIVE PREBIOTIC : Prebiotics provide valuable nutrition to probiotics for flourishing.

GIVE EASILY WITH MEAL : Chewable tablets allow you to give the exact amount of nutrients needed by your dog.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Storage Information : Store in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Not for medical use or human consumption.

Supplement Facts : Each tablet contains the essential nutrients to keep your pet strong and healthy.

Feeding Recommendation : 1 to 2 tablets can be given up to 20 kg body weight and 2 to 4 tablets can be given for more than 20 kg body weight, or serve as recommended by the Veterinarian

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