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Drools Absolute Calcium Bone For Dog 10 Pcs

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Drools Absolute Calcium Bone For Dog 10 Pcs

Drools Absolute Calcium Bone For Dog 10 Pcs

Drools Absolute Calcium bone supplement has the right ingredients to keep a dog s bones healthy and functioning at their optimum. It contains calcium and phosphorus in the right ratio, along with all the essential vitamins to increase connective tissue and tendon strength. Daily usage promotes your four-legged friend s health.

Product Detail:
Give your pet the power of calcium with drools absolute calcium bone. Calcium is very important to us as well as for our pets. It helps in making their bones healthy and teeth stronger, compulsory to boost your pet s performance. Upto 20 kg body weight 1 to 2 bones (per day). More than 20kg body weight 2 to 4 bones (per day) or as recommended by the veterinarian.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Ingredients : Calcium 6.8%, Phosphorus 5.6%, Magnesium 0.1%, Vitamin D3 1020 IU, Vitamin B12 17mcg, Thiamine Hydrochloride (vit. B1) 2.5mg/kg, Nicotinamide (vit. B3) 17.8mg/kg, Vitamin C 127mg, Excipients Q.S.

Features and Benefits:
Premium & delicious bone supplement for dogs
Keeps the dog s teeth healthy and clean
Strengthens gums & jaws
Enriched with calcium and phosphorus
100% digestible & safe
Ideal for dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Storage : While receiving the product, please ensure that the seal is intact Store in a cool and dry place Keep away from heat and direct sunlight

Feeding Recommendation : Or as recommended by the veterinarian.

When to Offer: In between meals is the ideal time to give treats. Dogs use their mouth and teeth to eat, fetch, carry and play. Keeping good levels of oral health allows them to enjoy every day

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