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DermSpot For Dogs and Cats, 2ml


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DermSpot For Dogs and Cats, 2ml

DermSpot For Dogs and Cats, 2ml

Dermspot spot-on is an easy-to-use topical preparation that helps to rebuild and restore the protective barrier function of the epidermis in dogs and cats during damaged/compromised skin conditions.

Product Detail:
The skin lipid complex stimulates the production and secretion of endogenous stratum corneum lipids, contributing to the formation of an improved epidermal barrier.

Many studies have proven Skin Lipid Complex as an effective adjunct management therapy for rebuilding the skin barrier.

Anti-hair fall anti-hair break complex helps to manage the hair fall. Emollients help to keep the skin hydrated. Skin lipid complex (Ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids, phytosphingosine like those found in healthy skin of dogs and cats).

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Essential fatty acids (Oils of hemp seed, flax seed, prime rose & wheat germ), Anti-hair fall-Anti hair break complex (Apigenin, oleanolic acid, biotinoyl tripeptide), Emollients (Glycerine, PEG 200 & aloe vera extract) Antioxidants (Vitamin E), 2ml – for dogs less than 10kg, 4ml – for dogs 10kg and above, Atopic dermatitis, Allergic skin conditions, Keratinization disorders, Seborrhoea, Dry sensitive skin, Bacterial & Fungal infections, Dull coat / Hair fall Directions for use Shake the pipette well. Hold the twist-off tube upright and twist off the pipette tip.

User Guidelines:
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DermSpot For Dogs and Cats, 2ml


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