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Cellpet for Aquatic, Fish and Turtles 3ml


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Cellpet for Aquatic, Fish and Turtles 3ml

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Cell-Pet® is a proprietary formulation mineral concentrate and each variant of Cell-Pet® has its own proprietary formulation. Cell-Pet® Aquatic provides Oxygen & Hydrogen in Cellular level of Fish & Other Aquatic Animals that helps them maintain their general well-being and natural health.


ERBIUM – Helps remove surface level and moderately deep lines and brings shine on the face and all body.

FLUCORIDE – Helps to prevent cavities and gum disease(Gingivitis).

COBALT – Responsible for the formation of Vitamin B12.

GERMANIUM – Improves the Immune System and supplies the body with oxygen. It is useful in the treatment of all allergies.

INDIUM – It is used as a dietary supplement and strengthening the Immune System.


1. Increased Oxygen and Hydrogen at cellular level of fish

2. Brings out natural color and glossiness of fish

3. Eliminates Parasite Flukes

4. Helps in fighting bacterial / virus infection

5. Increased Dissolved Oxygen levels

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