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Canine Squeaky Tyre Toys for Dog Small


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Canine Squeaky Tyre Toys for Dog Small

Here is a wonderful toy for your fur baby that is super durable and will stay with them for days to come! The Fofos Tyre Small Toy is a long lasting chew toy which comes in a tough rubber tyre shape. This great toy has been strategically designed in a manner that it can be used to play a good game of fetch and tug. It is ideal for the most aggressive of chewers.

The Fofos Tyre Small Toy is also a wonderful treat dispensing toy. It can hold peanut butter and small treats within it which plays a crucial role in promoting independent play in dogs. This toy is made from high density TPR which helps in making this toy extremely durable with a long life.

Now you can engage with your furry when you want with the Fofos Tyre Small Toy by playing a game of tug or fetch and even encourage independent play by stuffing it with treats. You wont have to wirry about your pooch getting bored when you are away as they can play with this toy and figure out how to take out the treats.

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