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Canine Showgulls for Cat


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Canine Showgulls for Cat

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Showgulls live for your cat. Ideal for both solo and interactive play, one of these fuzzy flappers can shake its tailfeathers from noon to naptime. That’s because, like all Vegas showgirls, it’s dressed to the nines – complete with a large, feather “”headpiece”” and feathered wings. The long, tubular legs are ideal for grabbing, shaking and tossing it through the air – for those aerial stunts, of course.
Designed to be easy for your cat to shake and fling
Purr-fect for solo play or interactive tossing games with your favorite feline
Made of a durable canvas material that’s both sturdy and soft
Great for kitties of all ages – from playful kitty to sprightly senior

Material: Feather

Color: Multicolor


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