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Bon Chien Squeaky Luminous Paw Bone Toys for Dog


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Bon Chien Squeaky Luminous Paw Bone Toys for Dog

Bon Chien is one of its kind Make in India Brand deals with the whole range of Dog products in diverse segments keeping in mind the daily needs & comfort for your beloved Dog .Bon Chien products are designed in way to best fit all kind of requirements for varied species and breeds of Dog. Dog are one among our Family members. We at Bon Chien try to offer the best of the products to fulfil the needs of the pets and the pet owners. Bon Chien products bring joy and happiness, making life of the pets and pet owners more Delightful.

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These dog toys are made of high-quality rubber material, which is safe, reliable, bite-resistant and durable. Multifunctional dog toy: This is a multifunctional dog toy, which integrates teeth grinding, tooth cleaning, entertainment and other functions. This toy can bring multiple fun to the dogs .Daily entertainment and anxiety relief: These dog toys are designed to provide dogs with enough fun to help them relieve anxiety and reduce their destructive behavior, such as biting on the sofa, shoes, other furniture, etc. Clean teeth: Dog chewing toys are good for your pet, keep teeth clean and aggressive. Playing with toys can also help your pet increase the amount of exercise to maintain weight. This pet toy is the perfect gift for your dog.


Material: Rubber material

Color: Comes with Multicolor and as per availability.


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