5 Things About Street Dogs That Are Totally Wrong

The world is an insane crazy place. Every day we hear about the cruel stories of people causing intended harm to the dogs on the street. What made us distinct between a cute dog that is adapted and the street dog? Both wag their tail and crave your affection. Both the breed happens to be their loveliest selves and yet there are people out there who keeps proving that humans are degrading beyond a level of comprehension. Even if you aren’t causing physical harm to a dog on street, we are certain that there might be some part of you that holds you back when it comes to showing affection or love towards them. Well, we can only clear your misconceptions and myths and it entirely is upon you to look at these wonderful creatures and realize that they have been innocent all along.

Here are some myths that have so deeply rooted in our minds that we find it hard to disregard them as just a non-sensical myths. Well, let’s get started.


1. Street dogs are unhygienic and carry diseases.

We all find ourselves in the survival game. The same is the case with the dogs on the street. With no one to take care of them and people shooing them away with cruelty, they have no option but to fulfill their nutrition from scraps of junk. Unless we as a community realize our responsibility to create a safe space for their shelter and comfort; we will continue to see them as an unhygienic breed.


2. Street dogs aren’t friendly

We are nothing but the reflection of our past, right? The same is the case with street dogs. Most of them grow around hostile environments where they had unpleasant experiences with humans. If someone is to throw a stone at them, they are sure to guard themselves around humans the next time. It’s important to give them their time to put their trust in you. Once they do so, you will see them for the friendly and loving creatures they are. If street dogs had safe and lovely interactions with humans earlier they will be friendly to all people. It’s just the environment different dogs are bought up in. If you want to become friends with street gods then Give them dog food or homemade dog food it would be great choice to become friends with street dogs.


3. Indian street dogs breed can’t be good pets

Instead of buying, adopt one. This propaganda made a huge highlight in recent years. And for all the right reasons. It’s absolutely foolish to think of street dogs as an unsuitable breed of pets. In fact, they are loyal, resilient and street smart. They are adaptive to changing environments and are well suited for the Indian climate. Adopt a street dog and you are bringing well-being to society.


4. Street dogs aren’t loving.

All living beings reciprocate the feelings. If you get out of hatred, you won’t feel love. Give a street dog nurturing, caring and loving environment and you will see how much love they have to offer. Dogs, anyways are renowned for their affectionate and loyal behavior. All you need to do is prove to them you are capable of receiving that love.


5. Street dogs are dangerous

Amongst the most baseless myths, lies this one. Treat a dog with kindness and respect and give them space to place their trust in you. They won’t harm you unnecessarily. The dangerous behavior, bites and barks are nothing but the trigger response of their system. If they have had harmful experiences with humans in past, there are going to be certain things that would trigger them. As humans, create a safe place for them and you will see they are as safe and friendly as a store-bought pet.

So which of these myths have you been harboring in your mind for long? Let it go and look at these wonderful creatures for what they are and not what your perception dictates to you. Give out love and you are sure to receive it in abundance.




Are street Dogs are good pets?

Yes Street dogs are indeed good pets.

Are Indian Street Dogs Good Pets?

Yes Indian street dogs are the good option for you if you are looking for a dog.

How to get friendly with Street Dogs?

Give them dog food or homemade dog food.