Owning a cat can be a really beautiful experience since they make a wonderful, loyal companion and have such unique personalities. Their unconditional love and friendship will bring new joy to your life. Your little ball of fur will like to be independent but still have very specific needs. Let us help you with our top tips on getting your new family member settled at home and preparing the homecoming!

Allow them to get acquainted with the house
We all know about the inquisitive nature of cats and how they like to investigate their surroundings. Let your new family member explore, get comfortable & used to the space around their new home.

Arranging a napping place
Cats normally sleep a lot during the daytime and hence it is important to create a comfortable place to rest. Notice your pet’s sleeping habit and put a cozy bed or a blanket where your pet sleeps most often.

Whenever you are traveling with your cat, always be sure to use a carrier or a safe container. This should allow your cat to sit, stand up and turn around comfortably in the carrier. You can put a cozy blanket and some treats inside the carrier to help your cat get used to it. A carrier becomes extremely helpful for vet visits or in case you ever need to leave your home during an emergency. They will be available in many sizes in market.

What & when to feed
It is essential to feed your cat the right amount of nutrients depending on his/her weight. Cats know what they like to eat, and many are not willing to deviate from what they normally eat. It is also best to set a regular feeding time for them.

Choosing food dishes and water bowls
For feeding food and water to your cat, stainless steel dishes & bowls are ideal. It is easy to clean them and also do not hold odour.

Keep a litter box
Cats can sometimes be very finicky about the size and shape of their litter boxes. Make sure that the box is large enough and not covered from top or else it will trap the odour.
A clay litter is the most basic and inexpensive type of box which can be bought for your pet.

Brushing your cat regularly
Most cats love being brushed because it really relaxes them. Regular brushing is recommended because it removes dead hair, dirt and keeps their skin healthy.

It is a natural instinct for cats to keep clean by licking themselves. Unless they get dirty from going outdoors or older and not able to clean themselves well, one or two baths a year is normally enough. Remember to use a gentle shampoo made for cats and avoid getting soap or water anywhere near the eyes or ears.

Regular trimming of cat’s claws
Trimming of claws is important to avoid any kind of accidental scratch that may occur while holding them or getting your cloth snagged. It will also keep their claws from getting too long, sharp or broken. Trimming of claws twice a month is usually enough.

Buy a scratching post or a scratcher
Cats naturally have a habit of scratching their claws on rough surfaces. To safeguard your furniture from claw marks, it is advised to buy a scratching post or scratcher. Also, it will be helpful if you make yourself get in the habit of hanging up your coats and keeping things out of reach from your cat.

Brushing your cat’s teeth
Buying a tooth brush kit should be one of the top things to do when you welcome a cat at your home. It is going to help you prevent any sort of health problem caused by poor dental habit.

Finding a good vet
If you do not already know a veterinarian, talk with people who can suggest you a good one in your area. Always look for someone close to your home and easy to contact in case of an emergency. The vet will advise you on how often your cat would require check-ups and vaccinations. Also, research online and check their reviews before you make a final decision.