The very idea of traveling with a pet can overwhelm pet owners. But, it doesn’t need to. Traveling with your pet can turn into one majestic experience if you have all the correct information to access. There are different modes of travel you can choose to travel in. This guide will help you prepare for your pet travel adventures, be it by plane, train, or car. 

This blog will set in place every doubt and concern you have in mind and help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip with your furry friends. 


1. Planning Your Trip

You cannot spontaneously hop on a plane or train with a pet. You need to plan a trip and take care of important aspects to ensure that your pet is ready for the adventure ahead.

  • Vet Visit

Visit a vet before you book your travels and start with further planning. This is important for you to ensure that the pet is aligned with its vaccination schedule and medications. Get essential paperwork from the vet to ensure that the pet is safe and won’t pose harm while traveling in public transport. 

Pro tip: Getting a microchip for your pet will ensure that your pets are returned to us in case they get separated from you while traveling. 

  • Google and book Pet-Friendly Accommodations

When traveling with pets, ensure that the hotel, vacation rental, or any other accommodation allows pets within their premises. You would want to check pet-friendly stays to keep your pets at ease and in comfort. While making reservations, inquire about special amenities they have for pets. This will help you carry only what is essential.

  • Choose the Mode of Transportation

You can travel by road, train, or airways with your pet. However, you need to look at the special arrangements each of these transport modes requires. For instance, airlines have different policies and allow the pet to travel in cargo or cabins accordingly. For a road trip, you would need a carrier or harness to secure the pet properly. 


2. Packing essentials

Packing doesn’t need to be tiring. These packing tips will work as a checklist for pet owners. 

  • Always carry food and water for your pet. Pack enough food and even some extra to ensure that the pet gets filled and satiated throughout the trip. Use airtight containers to keep the food fresh. 
  • Don’t forget to carry the medications of your pets. Keep them in their original packaging. 
  • Pets get overwhelmed when they travel to new places. Carry their favorite comfort items, toys, and blankets to get them cozy and comforting. 
  • Always carry first aid for your pet on trips. It should include basic items like antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and bandages. 


3. Car Travel Guidelines

Car journeys can be quite tiring for pets if the distance is long and gruesome. To make their car journey comfortable, keep in mind the following things. 

  • A carrier or harness will keep your pet safe and secure on a road trip. Look out for large and well-ventilated carriers so that your pets can freely move around inside. 
  • Take frequent breaks on your trip. Take them for mild walks and give them time to stretch their legs. 
  • Take frequent bathroom breaks. This will keep your pet well-rested and fresh. 
  • Never keep your pet in the car alone. Not even for a few minutes. The temperature inside parked cars can rise dangerously in hot summers and can prove deadly for your pets. 


4. Train travel guidelines

Traveling in trains can be hassle-free and would keep your pets and you well rested. However, there are certain regulations and guidelines to follow while traveling with a pet in India. 

  • Check with the Railway

Very few trains allow you to travel with a pet. So do your research and enquire with the railways before booking any train. Trains allowing pets have specific requirements that mandate you to keep your pet in specific carriages. 

  • Book tickets for the right class

First Class Ac and Executive class are pet-friendly options to travel in while traveling through railways. 

  • Ensure the pet’s comfort

Any new environment can overwhelm the house pet. To keep them comfortable and convenient, carry along their favorite toys, comfort blankets, and food. 

  • Clean Up After Your Pet

Be sure to clean up after your pet during the journey. Bring along some waste bags and dispose of them properly.


5. Plane travel Guideline

People travel with their pets to far-away locations and honestly, it’s not as stressful as it sounds. With the right preparation, you can ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pets. 

  • Different airlines have specific policies regarding pet travel. Ensure to check with the airline before booking your flights. Some airlines require pets to be checked in as cargo while very few allow them to travel in a cabin. 
  • Lookout for large and well-ventilated carriers to place your pets in. It should be large enough for them to move and turn around in. 
  • Your pet could use a bathroom break before the flight to keep them comfortable. Also, a light meal before the flight would ease them. 
  • Provide them with special toys and blankets to comfort them while traveling. 
  • A calming medicine can help ease travel anxiety in them. 
  • Pick up the pet as soon as possible once you arrive at the destination. Check with the airline beforehand regarding their pick-up spot. 


Traveling with your pet in India can be an amazing experience, but it’s important to plan carefully and make sure your pet is comfortable and safe. These tips will help you plan and ideate well for the trip. Cheers to safe travels with your pets.