6 Reasons Why your Dog Whines at Night.

Whoever is or has been a pet parent considers their pet as a family member. Everyone calls you a pet parent for a reason. You can’t see your pets sad or in pain. And their joy makes you the happiest. You have all the qualities a parent possesses for their child. 

Being a paw parent brings you an indefinite amount of joy. After all, dogs are the most loyal companion a human could get. However, you might have noticed that your dog’s pets at times whine a lot during the night. Is it a matter of worry? Well, not necessarily. Pets whine occasionally and it’s quite normal. However, if the whining is excessive and persistent for nights, you might want to know the reasons behind it. 

Here are 6 common reasons why your dog might be whining. 


1. Hunger and Digestive issues

Feeding your dogs nutritious energizing meals is very important. If your dog is hungry, they whine a lot at night. Like humans, even dogs can’t go to bed hungry. Hence, assure that your dogs are being fed proper adequate meals time and again throughout the day. 

In many cases, bloating or discomfort in the stomach would cause them pain. Hence, their cry is a plea for you to get them out of pain. The cause of stomach aches could be low-quality food. Hence, double-check all the ingredients and quality before feeding your dogs anything. At MyPetz, we have a wide variety of quality dog foods and treats. We even offer homemade food for dogs with an assured quality check. Check our offerings for dog food, here

Your dog might be allergic to some food. Hence, consulting a vet would help you navigate the situation better. And lastly, some dogs eat too quickly. This causes bloating and digestion issues which in turn causes discomfort. Hence, it is important to train your dogs with eating habits. 

In case of hunger and digestive issues, shift them to a bland diet for a few days. Plain rice or plain boiled chicken are simple ingredients that are easy to process and digest. Hence, a change in diet could offer an apt solution. 


2. Medical problems and pain

Dogs often whine when they are in pain. The cause of pain could be something serious as well as something casual. However, it’s always advisable to consult a vet to rule out all the worst possibilities. 

As dog’s age, they face issues like joint pain and other body pain. The cause could be their sleeping position or anything related to that. In such cases, a vet must assess the situation and offer relevant remedies. 

Many times dogs whine when they face trouble breathing properly. The cause for whining could also be chronic diseases. Hence, the best solution is to not wait. Instead, consult a vet so that you could identify the root cause of whining. 


3. Separation Anxiety

Dogs are companion animals. They live in packs. However, when you bring them home, they find their family in you. Hence, whenever you get away from them a sense of anxiety kicks in them. It is important to train them with love, toys and treats to help them deal with anxiety better. 

Dogs feel lonely when they have no one around. Hence, as soon as you step away from them for sleep, they start whining. In many cases, regular behavioral training works the best. However, you must navigate through the dog’s anxiety and ways to deal with it soon. 


4. Boredom

Sometimes the reason for whining could be as simple as boredom. Now, it’s important to understand that dogs require stimulation and physical activity in a day to keep themselves entertained and engaged. Hence, set a fixed routine for dog walks and exercise to keep them occupied. 

Inactive dogs often experience depression. To avoid such cases, indulge your dogs in fun and active activities throughout the day. When their energy is all drained by night, they sleep peacefully. 


5. Being a puppy

If she is a puppy, she naturally whines a lot more. It’s natural. They crave attention and hence whine during the night. It can be hard to ignore a whining puppy but you have to refrain from paving in. It’s a perfect stage to train them with proper behavior methods while also making them feel wanted and needed. 


6. Lack of training

If the dogs keep on whining for no reason at all, they need proper behavioral training. Take some time out and start training them in various aspects. Treat them for their good behavior. Don’t give in to their cries when they are just seeking attention. Train them for good. 

Behavioral classes are a great choice for the owner to navigate their way with pets and train them better. 


All in all, the dog whining isn’t always a serious issue. Understand your pet and its behaviors. Get to the root cause of their whining and take adequate steps.