Checklist Before Adopting A Pet

Nothing feels like having a furry friend rush to you every day when you get home from work. If you adore pets, the pleasure you receive when they rub themselves against your legs, creep into your bed, or jump up and down, playing with things in your house is out of this world.

But, being a pet parent is not an easy task. Most of the time, you’re in charge of your pet’s happiness and overall well-being. This is obvious because only you can give them the environment to open up. If you currently have a pet, you already know this, but for those planning to acquire a pet. 

While it is not easy, it is not impossible either. You will need a little preparation and a lot of love to become a doting and responsible pet parent. There are a few more things that you should consider. We have compiled a list.

1. Think before you adopt

Before adopting a pet, consider what kind of pet would fit appropriately in your living situation and life. Dogs require sufficient space to move around if you plan to get a dog. Consider the frequency of commuting and travelling. Not every pet can travel frequently. Think about how much time you will spend at home and who will look after it when you are not at home. 

2. Consider your finances

Adopting a pet not only fulfils your heart but also adds to your expenditure. It is simply a new family member that would require regular healthcare. Sometimes, there may also be emergencies. Other than medical expenses, your pet would need some toys, separate dog food, and grooming products. You should only adopt a pet if you feel financially stable enough to give it a loving and healthful life.

3. Consider the amount of time you will have to spend and nurture a young pet

Having a pet is a full-time responsibility. You should have enough time and patience to work with your furry friend and work with it throughout its early days until adolescence. You will need to work on chewing, crate training, potty training, preventing house-break, leash training, and much more.

4. Think how adopting would be if you have children in your place

Not everyone loves to have a pet around their children, especially infants. If you are someone who thinks the same, plan adoption accordingly. Despite the benefits of having your child grow up with a pet, it is still a factor to consider because taking care of a newborn and a new pet simultaneously can be overwhelming for many people. 

5. If you have a pet already, consider how it would react to a new one

If you have one already, you should think before adopting another one. Sometimes, pets may not accept the presence of another one. While other times, pets get highly attached to a new sibling. You have to decide depending on how your pet reacts to having other pets around. Try having a friend/relative’s pet stay for a day and see how your pet takes it.

6. Check with your family members/spouse/roommate

Be sure to know that your family members/spouse/roommate does not have any allergies to pets. Many people are allergic to pets and pet hair. Living with pets is no less than a lethal task in such a situation. Other than pet allergies, many people are intolerant to dirt. Living with pets will have you living with dirt and hairballs 24×7. 

7. Consider your lifestyle to decide whether a younger or an older pet would be a better match for you

If you are an active person who loves adventure and exploring, a more youthful pet would suit you better. Adopting an older pet would be the best for you if you are in a more relaxed phase of your life and just need a furry partner to chill with. Older pets are comparatively less active and want to enjoy your attention and company.

8. Shopping for supplies

Do not dive into shopping for pet supplies when you decide on adoption. It will be wise to wait until your pet arrives. This is because many supplies like collars, leashes, crates, carriers, etc., depend on your pet’s size. For instance, if you adopt a cat, the scratch pad also depends on what it likes.

9. Pet-proof your house

There will be certain areas in your home where you would not want your pet. Like the kitchen, many people do not allow their pets in the kitchen for hygiene reasons. You would like to have your office without any pet hassle if you work from home. So, decide before the areas you wish to restrict your pets in. Also, allot the place where your pet would sleep and laze around. Make enough room for it to settle in quickly.

10. Lastly, adopt don’t shop

Many people feel they have saved a pet even if they buy it from a store. Purchasing a puppy from a store is not the same as saving one from a puppy mill. It is instead perpetuating the mass breeding of puppies. Always try not to shop but rescue from a shelter.

Lastly, know and understand that you may have to bid them goodbye. Pets do not have a life as long as yours. Even after doing everything in your power to keep your pet in good health, there will come a time when you have to bid them away. You cannot keep them forever. However, you can give them a life good enough to know what unconditional love is before crossing the rainbow bridge.