Best Foods for Siamese Cats in India

The intelligence of siamese cats is enough to fall in love with these unique breeds. They have highly vocal personalities and are an active breed with a lithe physique. Siamese cats have colors only on the cooler parts of their body which is a unique form of albinism and have a unique colorpoint coat. 

Now, planning a diet for siamese cats is quite challenging. The right cat food should offer energy for powering their curious mind and contribute to their muscle development in them. However, it is also important that the food keeps them slim and flexible, a body structure that is ideal for them. 


Lately, numerous cat owners have seen their siamese cats gaining unhealthy weight. It is a cause of worry, especially the increasing potbellies, which can lead to harmful diseases. In such cases, despite spending large bucks on expensive high-quality food the increasing weight and unfulfilled nutrition gaps lead to a question: What should siamese cats be fed? 

What are the best food products for them?


Well, we are here with the answers. So let’s get started. 


Proteins, Fats, and Vitamins minerals- A perfect balanced meal for siamese cats


The angular bodies of siamese cats require a diet of high animal protein, fewer fats, and adequate vitamins and minerals to complement their svelte build. These cats have sensitive stomachs, hence becoming more important to serve them high-quality food and amino acids compatible with their feline digestive systems. 


Siamese cats are hardwired carnivores and require meat to fulfill their 6 grams per kilo of body weight protein requirement. Some of the popular animal meats high in protein content include Beef, turkey, pork, chicken, tuna, Salmon, mackerel, crustacean, and crab meat. 


Siamese cats require a small portion of fats in their diet to help with metabolism and vitamin absorption. Fats are also essential for the secretion of reproductive hormones. All in all, siamese cats get their daily source of fats from meats when served in reasonable portions. Milk, cheese, and eggs are high-fat products that should be offered as occasional treats. Regular consumption of these could lead to saggy bulges around the neck. 


The dose of vitamins and minerals is essential for siamese cats for regulating their organ function, boosting their dental and joint health, and maintaining fluid balance. Again meat-based meals fulfill vitamins and minerals needed by siamese cats. 


Carbohydrates- Do you need them in your siamese cat food? 


The ability to break down carbs is not great amongst these cats. Their metabolism has evolved to digest meat; raw or cooked which has almost zero carbs. By adding too many carbs to their diet, you are risking their health with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 


If you are looking for cat food online avoid products with vegetable starch, sugar, and grains. Most cats face stomach sensitivities because of grains causing diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal issues. Moreover, carbohydrates in cat foods are usually a cheap replacement for adequate protein sources. Hence, read the labels very carefully before buying food for Siamese cats. 


Here are a few of our favorite recommendations from Mypetz. 


1. Sheba chicken with Tuna


This chicken with tuna by Sheba is a completely balanced meal high in proteins. It has a tantalizing texture and is delicious for your furry cats. This is a gravy food and compared to dry food; wet food requires very little processing. Your cats would lick it with every bite and the gravy will add to their everyday water intake. Buy here


2. Chicken, salmon, and wakame seaweed in gravy


This one by Whiskas is balanced with rich and succulent pieces of meat and fish for your feline. The brand knows what your cat loves and its food offers complete nutrition to your cats. It’s tasty and will be loved even by fussy eaters in no time. It’s perfect for digestion. Buy here.


3. Tuna and Prawn in gravy

Bringing you fresh and premium quality meat and seafood for your pets with Sheba. This deluxe tuna and prawn gravy is delicious and nutritious. It is easy to serve and requires zero prep at home. With a tantalizing texture, this tuna and prawn gravy is a perfect addition to your siamese cat diet. It’s easy to digest and contains all essential proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. Buy here


 4. Dry ocean fish food


This one by Kitty yums is loaded with dry treats of mackerel and sardines. It is a perfect protein snack, meal, or treat for your siamese cats. It is enriched with omega fatty acids, prebiotics, taurine, and calcium for their overall vital health. Buy here.  


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