Best Dry Food for Neutered Cats

What is Neutering?

It seems reasonable to start by talking over what we mean by the word ‘neutered’. Some of you must have inferred the meaning. For those of you who have not, neutering refers to the deportation of reproductive organs. It may be done entirely or partly. The process is workable for both the sexes, males and females. When it is done to females, it is commonly referred to as “Spaying”. Whereas, the term “Castration” is used for males. 

Why Neutering is done?

Neutering pets is still a dubious topic. The particular reason for this circumstance is that there are arguments that make one feel bad about making this call. On the other hand, this decision can positively impact your pet’s life in the long term. This is why it is a really important call to make. 

Some windfalls of neutering:

  • Longevity of your pet: As per facts, neutered cats have a higher average lifespan than those not. Longevity was seen via an increase in the life expectancy rate.
  • Behavioural changes: Neutering also changes certain behavioural aspects. For example, the urge to spray is deeply reduced when cats are neutered. Neutering has been observed to solve almost all marking issues if done timely.
  • Reduces aggressive behaviour.
  • Helps with excessive purring or yowling.

When is the best time to neuter?

It is safe for kittens to be neutered when they are as young as 7-8 weeks old. This gives them enough time to transition easily and adjust timely.

Do neutered cats need special food?

The thought of feeding neutered cats contrarily may not cross your mind. After you decide to get your cat neutered, there are a few things regarding its diet that you should keep in mind.

Some tips on feeding neutered cats:

Spaying results in a decreased hormonal secretion from the cat’s body. Due to this the increased appetite and weight gain become inevitable if the food is not monitored. 

  1. Only follow the recommended daily amount while feeding the cat.
  2. Switch to the kinds of food that reduce the pangs of hunger.
  3. Try including wet forms of food in addition to the dry ones. This will increase the water intake. Further, it will lengthen the time between meals. 
  4. Let your cat have its own space and take its time to transition. During this period, which lasts about 2 months, any new food should be consciously given on a gradual basis.

What should neutered cats be fed?

It is much more straightforward to visit a pet store and purchase ready-made cat foods rather than make an effort to cook yourself. It is OKAY if you are into this till the time you pick high-grade and specialized foods for neutered cats. It is nearly flawless if you do this after a vet’s recommendations and guidelines.

While making a purchase, always note the composition:

  • The food should be high in protein, at least more than 50%.
  • Try to cut on vegetable fats and heavier carbohydrates.
  • Minerals should be there but not in abundance. They should be present in a small proportion about <= 7%.

What are the best dry food brands for neutered male cats?

Based on what happens after spaying, the diets are generally focused on body weight maintenance. Almost all the brands offer varieties that specially cater to neutered cats. We have selected some best selling cat foods for neutered male cats.

The brands that appeared most of the time:

  1. Royal Canin
  2. Purina Pro
  3. Me-O
  4. Whiskas
Appetite Control Neutered/Spayed Dry Adult Cat Food

Royal Canin

Feline Health Nutrition Neutered/Spayed Dry Cat Food for Kittens Royal Canin

Urinary Tract Healthy Dry Food

Adult Dry Cat Food Tuna Flavoured Me-O

Mackerel Flavoured Dry Cat Food for Kittens


1. Royal Canin Appetite Control Neutered/Spayed Dry Adult Cat Food – WITH L-CARNITINE

Royal Canin Appetite Control NeuteredSpayed Dry Adult Cat Food

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Royal Canin gets its products tailored by animal nutritionists and vets. Thus, the brand can be trusted blindly.

  • Key Features:

  1. Regulates hunger: This cat food makes your cat feel satiated and prone to hunger pangs. It has a customized blend of fibres to bring in the feeling of satisfaction.
  2. Management of Weight: The formula contains low to moderate fat. Also, it does not have a high caloric content. 
  3. Contains L-carnitine that helps to metabolise fats. Simply, it helps in oxidizing fat and providing energy to the body.
  4. It is also vital to regulating the heart as well as the skeletal muscles. 
  5. Safe for neutered male cats.

2. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Neutered/Spayed Dry Cat Food for Kittens – With Psyllium for Gut Health

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition NeuteredSpayed Dry Cat Food for Kittens

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  • Key Features:

    1. Growth-oriented weight management: Post neutering, kittens still require energy for growth despite being at the risk of becoming overweight. This cat food comes with moderate levels of fats to prevent weight gain.
    2. An appropriate amount of Calcium, Protein, and Phosphorus.
    3. Supports the immune system: Since kittens are young, they require additional care and assistance in developing immunity. The food contains Taurine, antioxidants, Lutein, and vitamins to help the kitten’s defence system.
    4. Digestive health: It contains a highly digestible protein, and enough prebiotics to keep the intestines healthy.
    5. It contains Psyllium that helps to deter gastrointestinal issues like constipation, diarrhoea, blood sugar issues, cholesterol, etc.

Note: As per a few reviews, the food is flavoured using chicken by-products and not real chicken. This may be a factor for some cat parents while deciding upon a brand. If you are not bothered by the fact, you can surely try and see if your cat likes it.

3. Purina Pro Urinary Tract Healthy Dry Food

Purina Pro Urinary Tract Healthy Dry Food

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This cat food is rendered in such a way that it keeps the renal and urinary functions in check. It stabilizes the pH levels in the urine.

  • Key Features:

    1. It has low dietary magnesium. Excessive magnesium can alter the pH levels and affect the urinary tract negatively.
    2. It contains essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6.
    3. Moderate amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus are present.
    4. No artificial condiments or flavours are added. It is flavoured with real chicken.
    5. It prevents the formation of urine crystals and stones.

Note: As per a few online reviews, some cats were apprehensive to consume it because of its flavour. Since it is not exactly flavoured but remedial, you may want to mix it with some other flavoured food to make it more desirable.

4. Me-O Adult Dry Cat Food Tuna Flavoured

Me-O Adult Dry Cat Food Tuna Flavoured

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Me-O makes the food to be nutritionally balanced while still restricting the amounts of minerals that should not be given in multitude. Check out Me-o Cat Food Review

  • Key Features:

    1. It comprises Taurine, which is an essential amino acid that keeps the functioning of the eyes and heart in line.
    2. The cat food is enriched with Vitamin C to support the immune system. Vitamin C also curbs the detrimental effects of stress.
    3. It is also helpful to prevent urinary tract diseases. The food is formulated in a way that keeps urinary pH balanced and reduces the risks of FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease).
    4. Contains Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D to keep the bones strong.

5. Whiskas Mackerel Flavoured Dry Cat Food for Kittens

Whiskas Mackerel Flavoured Dry Cat Food for Kittens

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Whiskas Mackerel has been nutritionally tailored to cater to all the requirements of a male adult cat. 

  • Key Features:

    1. Real Mackerel and poultry: It has been flavoured with real mackerel and not via by-products. Hence, the food is a very good source of high-grade animal protein.
    2. It contains Taurine and Vitamin E: Both of these condiments are vital for a healthy heart and immune system. Besides, Vitamin E keeps the skin and coat shiny.
    3. There is enough Calcium and Phosphorus to ensure bone health. 
    4. Whiskas adds its patented combination of Zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids to ensure the healthiest skin and coat.
    5. Nutritionally balanced and safe to be given to neutered cats.

Seriously, there is nothing much to fault in these cat foods. But, there is a catch. If you skim through online forums and reviews, you will find that there have been instances of cats puking after eating out of a particular brand’s food. Many times, such instances are subjective to individual cats rather than being caused by the food. A particular food that might work for a cat, may not seem to be working for others. Consequently, the decision of eating it rests with your cat. All you have to do is to make a conscious selection and then see if your furball agrees or not.

Our Recommendation

For cats with a slow metabolism – Royal Canin Appetite Control Neutered/Spayed Dry Adult Cat Food – WITH L-CARNITINE.

For cats with a sensitive gut – Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Neutered/Spayed Dry Cat Food for Kittens – WITH PSYLLIUM FOR GUT HEALTH.

This leads us to surmise that Royal Canin is one of the best brands that are available in the market. Even when it comes to neutered cats, the brand seems to balance every aspect of caregiving with its product portfolio. 


1. Is it bad to feed my neutered cat normal cat food?

While it is not exactly a “bad” thing to do, it surely is not the right one. Since post-spaying, the cats undergo a transition, so do their nutritional necessities. Accordingly, unlike normal cat foods that are enriched with condiments, neutered cats need to be fed with foods that are balanced and rather restricted in some aspects ( like calories, fats, magnesium, etc).

2. How do I choose dry food for neutered cats?

You should go over the internet and amass enough knowledge to be able to choose wisely. Once you conclude, it is always recommended to check in with your vet before opting for any specific brand.

3. What are the best cat foods for a neutered cat?

You can discover options in the wet food category in the above-mentioned brands as well. You can look for Purina Pro Plan Gravy Cat Food for neutered cats. Even Royal Canin offers Wet Chicken Food that helps with renal and urinary health.