Best Dog Food for Huskies 2022

If you have a husky, you might be curious about the best Husky Food available or how and when to feed your Husky. If you have a puppy, you must know it doesn’t eat that much, especially at this young age. As it grows, you will notice the changes in your Husky’s diet and eating habits. This should tell you that the best thing to do is give your Husky the food according to its age. If it is a puppy, feed it puppy food and do not force it to have more than it feels like. 

Do not go for the packets that indicate “food for all life stages.” The particular reason for this is that a Husky puppy’s nutritional needs are different from an adult’s. A diet high in calcium may raise the chance of devastating and irreversible hip disease in husky puppies, who are already at modestly increased risk. The same goes for a senior Husky. They need lesser calories and more protein. 

However, you can generalize a few elements for your Husky’s diet. They need a meat-based (protein-rich) diet that does not contain a lot of grains or fillers. 

Protein:  Your husky should have a diet that contains no less than 22% protein. Human-grade meat sources like chicken, lamb, beef, or salmon should be used as a source of proteins.

Carbs: A husky’s diet should contain very few carbohydrates. If they have the common illness known as hypothyroidism, carbohydrates do nothing to help them and may even worsen things.

Fiber: While wheat frequently contains fibers, you can also get fiber in legumes. The digestive system will benefit if some of the diets contain fiber.

Fat: Your husky’s diet should contain roughly 8% fat when looking at fat. Additionally, they will receive this through the meats in their meals, and lean meats will benefit them more than fatty meats.

Omega: Omegas, in general, which are found in foods like salmon, support both the development of the immune system and the brain.

We have enlisted some Best Dog Food for Huskies based on their life stages. Have a look.

Best Food for Husky Puppies

1. Purina Supercoat Puppy Dog Food

Purina Supercoat Puppy Dog Food

Purina Supercoat Puppy food comprises chicken, which offers balanced nutrition without artificial flavours or colours, ensuring your puppy’s overall health.


  • It contains a good portion of chicken-based protein.
  • Moderately rich in calcium to support bone development.
  • It helps in building natural defences.
  • Provides immune support.
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives.

2. Pedigree Professional Expert Nutrition Puppy Food

Pedigree Professional Expert Nutrition Puppy Food

Pedigree Professional Expert Nutrition Puppy Food is a nutrient-rich diet to suit a puppy’s nutritional needs. It contains glucosamine and essential fatty acids to support healthy joints and development.


  • Appropriate calcium and phosphorus ratio.
  • Suitable for overall development.
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Contains essential Omega fatty acids for growth.

3. Farmina N&D Grain-Free Puppy Food

Farmina N&D Grain-Free Puppy Food is a formula without grains that meets the nutritional needs of puppies. All puppies, regardless of breed, can comfortably chew on the kibbles in this diet.


  • Contains all-natural ingredients.
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives.
  • Contains Taurine and natural antioxidants.
  • A good amount of trace elements for growth and development.

4. Arden Grange Puppy Food

Arden Grange Puppy Food

Arden Grange puppy food is a portion of complete, super-premium pet food that contains increased joint support to meet the additional needs of these breeds. This diet has been designed to provide the necessary nutrients for consistent, healthy growth and development.


  • Kibble size suitable for large breed puppies.
  • Contains all essential trace elements for puppy growth and development.
  • Contains joint supplements.
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics. 

Best Food for Adult Huskies

1. IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food is a tailored-nutrition-based diet to suit your adult dog’s requirements. It offers a wide variety of premium recipes designed to satisfy their demands. 


  • Supports healthy digestion.
  • It contains beet pulp and prebiotics.
  • It keeps the teeth healthy.
  • Crunchy kibble.
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.

2. Orijen Dry Dog Food

Orijen Dry Dog Food

Orijen Dry Dog Food includes unequalled and distinctive inclusions of fresh or raw meat, offering practically everything your dog needs to survive. It is inspired by a natural diet of complete prey animals.


  • Biologically appropriate for adult dogs.
  • Protein-rich diet, around 40% by composition.
  • Contains freeze-dried kibble.
  • WholePrey food. 

3. Hill’s Science Diet Canine Adult

Hill’s Science Diet Canine Adult

Hill’s Science Diet Canine Adult meets the energy requirements of adult dogs throughout their prime years.  This delicious lamb dish is crafted with high-quality, simple-to-digest ingredients for people who want variety for their dogs.


  • Contains Omega 6 and vitamin E.
  • Ample amount of natural fibers for gut health.

Best Food for Senior Huskies

1. Fidele+ Light and Senior Dog Food

Fidele+ Light and Senior Dog Food

Fidele+ Light and Senior Dog Food is a complete and nutritious diet for senior dogs. It contains no unfamiliar ingredients and is almost similar to your home-cooked meals. It stands by the age-old ingredients suitable for old dogs. 


  • Made in Belgium with European standards.
  • Kibble size is suitable for dentures.
  • Does not contain any soy or wheat fillers.
  • No artificial colours or flavours. 

2. Orijen Senior Age Food

Orijen Senior Age Food

Your beloved pet will receive comprehensive nourishment from Orijen Senior Age Food, which has a delicious flavour they’ll enjoy. For a concentrated source of protein, two-thirds of the animal ingredients are FRESH or RAW. Fresh free-range chicken, turkey, and cage-free eggs make flesh, organs, cartilage, and bones.


  • Biologically appropriate for senior dogs.
  • Protein-rich diet.
  • Contains freeze-dried liver for taste.
  • It is a WholePrey diet.

3. Pedigree Senior Dog Food 

Pedigree Senior Dog Food

Pedigree Senior Dog Food is a nutritious meal full of minerals and proteins (from chicken) for your older Husky.


  • Excellent digestibility with 85% fibre
  • Optimal calcium and phosphorus ratio.
  • Contains Taurine and natural antioxidants.
  • Kibble is shaped to aid dental health.

Summing up, husky dogs’ feeding options may include dry, wet, semi-moist, and even frozen foods. If you enjoy treating your Husky to snacks, include vegetables and fruits in addition to those sold in stores. In the summer, you may chop up apples or melons, peel them, and store them in the refrigerator. Take care that the apples and watermelons should be seed-free.