Best Dog Beds in India

Beds are perhaps the most valuable piece of furniture that one looks for in their homes. You cannot imagine not having one! Almost all people have grown up with similar thoughts and this is why they feel the same about their dogs. People end up looking for the cosiest and warmest beds for their pooches. Nonetheless, usually, all this ends up with you watching them snoozing anywhere but the dog bed! Yes, it is hard to believe but this is how it is. You can say that dogs are naturally acquainted with slumbering on floors and hard surfaces. They do put some effort into finding a warm corner, but that is all about it. You will never find a dog that throws tantrums for a dog bed. Nevertheless, pet owners still consider it an important thing to make the pets feel as good as possible. 

If you feel the same, then you are at the right place. Any responsible dog parent would realise the well-being that comes with a dog bed as well as the discomfort without having one.

Benefits of Having Dog Beds

  1. Warmth during the colder times of the year: irrespective of where you reside, the weather can get really cold in some parts of the world. A bed would provide enough insulation that a dog would need. Temperature sustenance is an important part of being healthy and comfortable. A bed will help to keep your dog’s temperature balanced.
  2. A bed provides a private sleeping place: Your dog may need privacy while resting as much as the attention it demands during other times. Just like us, dogs would also love some personal space to be able to sleep peacefully.
  3. A good dog bed is necessary to keep the joints healthy: As dogs get old, the joints start to get weaker. This makes them prone to developing issues like hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. A softened dog bed provides enough support and relief to help with these issues. Even for puppies, the warmth provided by a soft bed helps the joints to develop properly. Consequently, irrespective of age, a good dog bed helps in keeping the joints healthy.
  4. A bed would facilitate a better night’s sleep: We do not need to emphasize how important a good night’s sleep is. The same goes for your dog. If it sleeps well through the night, it will be cheerful during the day. Disrupted night sleep can result in anyone being cranky during the daylight hours, even your dogs.
  5. Having its own bed encourages confidence and a sense of independence in the dog: Training your dog to be able to spend the night in its bed also facilitates confidence and independence. The bed helps with anxiety issues on being away from you yet feeling calm and pleased.

If you already have a bed for your dog, you must be feeling good about your decision. Even if you do not, you still have the time to make it right. Go ahead and see how to choose an ideal bed for your dog.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Best Dog Bed

  1. The most obvious note to make is about the size of your dog. You would clearly want the dog to fit in the bed and not have to linger on the side. On the other hand, a much larger dog bed may make it feel lonely. The idea is to have an ample amount of space to allow basic movements but just not too much.
  2. Keep in mind if there are any underlying health conditions. If your dog has some health situations like joint pains, hip dysplasia, spinal injuries, etc. you may want to look for softer and overstuffed beds. Beds having bolsters should also help in providing relieving postures.
  3. Take a note of the material used in making the bed. There are a few points to keep in mind here. 
    • If your dog loves to chew on furniture, you would want to look for a heavier and more resistant kind.
    • If you dwell in colder regions, you would prefer a cosier bed.  If you reside in the hotter ones, plastic ones may be used. However, they must never be left out in the sun or else they will overheat.
    • Since you are receptive to looking for options, you may want to match it with your home’s interior and vibe.

5 Best Dog Beds in India



best dog beds online India

1. Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed


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Buy Smarty Pet Venacity Puppy Bed

2. Smarty Pet Venacity Puppy Bed


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bed for dog in India

3. Slatters be royal Reversible Soft Ethnic
Velvet Bed 


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puppy bed online India

4. Mellifluous Waterproof Dog Bed


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washable dog bed in India 5. Mellifluous Waterproof Dog Bed 3.4/5 Buy Now

1. Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed

dog beds online

Fluffy deluxe dog beds are heavenly stuffed with plush. These beds encompass a non-slip bottom so if your pet prances on it from a distance, you can be sure that they will land safely. Even though the bottoms are non-slippery, the beds are convenient to be dragged around if you wish to move them. The bed is almost round, about 60*55cm and is 10 inches thick. It is so soft that your furry friend will have a hard time getting out of it!

  • Pros:

    1. Sized big enough to accommodate movements.
    2. Helps with joint pains.
    3. The additional pillow provides orthopaedic support to the neck and head.
    4. Easily washable in the machine.
    5. Comes in a lot of sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

2. Smarty Pet Venacity Puppy Bed

dog beds India

If you are tired of your pet sleeping on the floor then Smarty Pet Venacity Puppy Bed will give you some relief. Smarty Pet has been delivering pet products for quite some time now. This doggy bed made by them is favourable for smaller dogs and puppies. The bed is about 20cm in diameter and 4 inches thick. This bed is fabricated with high-quality material and filled with high-grade polyester. This will turn out to be a durable product.

  • Pros:

    1. Dependable stitching.
    2. Not very thick and hence easier to wash.
    3. Moderately soft.

  • Cons:

    1. Comes in a single small size and hence, not suitable for bigger dogs.
    2. No such orthopaedic support, just a simple dog bed.

3. Slatters Be Royal Reversible Soft Ethnic Velvet Beddog beds online India

If you are looking for a dog bed adequate for all seasons, Slatters Be Royal Reversible Soft Ethnic Velvet Bed has to be your choice. This bed is classic in its look and will feel breathable to your pet. Nattily created with nest-like walls around the base, this bed offers utmost security. The use of velvet makes it extremely gentle and always welcoming for snuggles. The bed is crammed in a quilted manner that makes it look very chic wherever it’s placed in the house.

  • Pros:

    1. These beds are known to support stiff joints.
    2. Velvet makes it extremely desirable and soft on the paws.
    3. The beds are very easy to clean.
    4. They are moderately sized, 32*21*40cm.
    5. The bed comes with a cushion.

4. PRAZUCHI Orthopedic Waterproof Dog BedPRAZUCHI Orthopedic Waterproof Dog Bed online

PRAZUCHI Orthopedic Waterproof Dog Bed has been designed specifically for providing orthopedic support. You must get one if your dog is old, has joint pain, arthritis, or dysplasia. It has a softer upper layer with a thick high-density foam layer beneath it. This bifurcation helps to evenly distribute the pressure across the bed. It helps to lessen the pain in joints. Furthermore, the bed is waterproof. Even if your dog spills water on it, the orthopedic features stay unscathed. The cover used around the bed is scratch-resistant. It will suffice even if your dog is rough on its paws.

  • Pros:

    1. The beds have a scratch-proof covering. This feature makes this bed highly durable.
    2. Recommended for senior dogs.
    3. The beds have a good orthopaedic supporting mechanism.
    4. Comes in several sizes.
    5. There is a 2 inch softer layer and 1 inch thicker and higher density foam layer.
    6. The inner cushion has been thoroughly stitched with nylon fibres.

5. Mellifluous Waterproof Dog BedMellifluous Waterproof best Dog Bed

Mellifluous Waterproof Dog Bed comes in our premium category and is a wonderful dog bed. Purely made out of PP cotton, it provides warmth to your pooch. The bed provides a perfect dozing environment because of its soft coral fleece. Adequate for all weathers, this bed is moisture-proof and always feels fresh to touch. The bed has been vacuum-sealed and needs to be put aside for some time to get back to its proper size.

  • Pros:

    1. The bed is water-proof as well as moisture-proof.
    2. Also supports dogs with joint pain and arthritis.
    3. It is about 61cm in diameter and 20 cm in height, which makes it suitably sized.
    4. Easily washable with hand.

  • Cons:

    1. Requires special attention if washed in the machine.
    2. Takes about 1-2 days to dry and return to the original fluffy size after being washed.
    3. Not adequate for dogs who like to chew on things.
    4. They are built to be light-weighted and are easy to move around.

Indeed, you will not be able to fault anything in these dog beds. But at the same time, one of these will draw your attention and suit your dog more than others.

You must have noticed the mention of orthopedic support features in dog beds. Even if your dog is fortunately healthy, such beds will prove to be the ideal choice in the long run. The reasons for this particular element are:

Besides helping in relieving existing joint pains, orthopedic foam beds can prevent other future conditions from surfacing.
Dogs have been learned to feel more well-rested and active after having slept on orthopaedic beds.
These beds have no pressure points since they disseminate pressure evenly.
The foams present in such beds do not obliterate for years. This is because there are multiple layers. Generally, orthopaedic beds come with 2 to 3 layers
The bed can aid over 350lbs!

Heated Dog Beds

Besides these beds, there are some upcoming designs of dog beds that provide instant heating. Heated pet beds have been trending recently. These beds have internal thermostats to maintain the surface temperature around 10-15°F above the room temperature. This is when your pet is not resting on it. As soon as your pet decides to have some rest, the surface warms up to a maximum temperature of 102°F, which is the natural body temperature of a dog. These beds are not sensitive to pressure. They are programmed to heat up to your pet’s body temperature. These beds are claimed to be safe to use 24*7, however, that sounds a little bit too much does it not?
If you think your furry friend enjoys being warm a little too much, looking out for one is a good idea. Remember to get all the necessary knowledge and reviews about the same before letting your pet around it.

Anyway, we could not fault any of the normal dog beds, but we do have a favourite one. Our admired pick is the PRAZUCHI Orthopedic Waterproof Dog Bed. This bed serves all the purposes that a dog’s bed should have. Besides, it is specially made to provide physical benefits to the dogs.

There is another thing. You may employ more than one dog bed. Yes, you read it right. You may need to place one bed outside of your house and one inside. Since dogs are needy, your dog would love to snooze around you and rest where you are resting. Besides, after playing outside, dogs do not wish to come inside the next moment. Placing a simple cooling bed in your yard will help them to rest and laze around before stepping inside.

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  1. Why do dogs need beds?
    Despite being wild animals and naturally comfortable with sleeping on floors, it proves to be fruitful to have a bed for your dog. The benefits of having one have already been listed above. Yet, you should have a dog bed as another token of your love for your furry friend.
  2. How often should dog beds be cleaned?
    Dogs go for walks and outdoor playtime almost every day. Since they are not bathed daily, they do get some dirt and microbes on the bed. Additionally, dogs drool and lick almost all the time. It is due to such a lifestyle that it is suggested to wash the dog bed about once a week/once every two weeks minimum.
  3. Does having a bed impact the dogs psychologically?
    Yes, there are known psychological impacts of having dog beds. Dogs are naturally territorial in nature. Having their own personal space and bed help to pacify this instinct moderately. Further, it gives them a sense of independence and confidence.