Imagine that you had a really lousy day at the office. You come back home and get to pick one of the three things which might help in lifting your mood – Which one would you choose?

A nice hot cup of coffee/ Scotch on the rocks (Depending on how bad the day has really been)

A long drive on a pleasant windy night with windows down and Elvis Presley giving you chills on the radio

Giving belly rubs to a four-legged attention-hungry, covered in dirt all over because digging a hole is never a bad idea mammal who has been waiting all day at the door with a hope in its eyes so insanely honest and strong that can melt even your “seemingly” inhumane boss’s heart.

If you’re crying already after reading the last point, first of all, congratulations on being a dog parent and second of all, rest of the article is going to be a sob-fest for you.
Apart from being inconceivably cute, dogs are pure magic with regards to supporting humans in living better. To start with, having small interactions with dogs can cause the human brain to release oxytocin hormone, or famously called – cuddle chemical which provides a feeling of relaxation, trust, and empathy that helps in soothing down anxiety and stress.

Studies have shown that having dogs around can reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death by 36% and decrease the risk of death by 33%.
As a dog parent is acutely aware of the fact that having a dog is equivalent to having an alarm clock with no snooze button. They will make sure that you get out of bed and take them for a walk which in turn helps you keep up with your new year’s resolution of staying fit. Supporting the same, research shows that dog parents take 2,760 more steps as compared to others. More on it, dogs are big support for Alzheimer’s patients, they enhance social skills in kids with Autism, aid in defeating PTSD; The list is notably extensive with the same bottom-line – Look at them so cute!