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Wahl Pet Ear Cleaner 175 ml

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Wahl Pet Ear Cleaner 175 ml

Wahl Pet Ear Cleaner 175 ml

Wahl is an Effective animal ear cleaning solution
Gentle, non drying formula.
Naturally cools as it cleans with eucalyptus, camphor, aloe vera and menthol

Product Detail:
Wahl ear cleaner is a natural cleaner. this organic cleaner is a clear, free flowing fluid, it is not carried in oil with a pleasant eucalyptus smell. Effectively removes ear wax and immediately reduces inflammation from ear mites and non-specific irritation and infections. Greatly reduces and controls ear odor. a residue of this product may be left in the ear for residual treatment, may be used as often as necessary.


Keep your Ears Clean
Quickly and effectively clean the wax and other buildup in your dog s ears with Wahl pet ear cleaner. This natural and veterinary-approved formula takes care of parasites, yeast, debris and bacteria that tend to flourish in the layout of an animal s ear canal. It also counteracts odors

Pleasantly scented formula keeps ears odor-free and fresh smelling for those close-up hugs and kisses.

No Alcohol and Hassle Free
No harsh chemicals so it won t dry out the sensitive ear canal, which can cause more problems down the road.
No need to deal with the hassle and extra step of rinsing after treatment that is needed with other ear products.

Other Benefits:
Your pooch s hearing will be improved
You ll help them avoid ear infections and trapped water in the ear canal
You ll flush out mites, ticks and other critters that flock to the ear
You ll prevent itchiness and other discomfort in the ears

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