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Wahl Doggie Coconut Lime Verbena Deodrant, 237 ml

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Wahl Doggie Coconut Lime Verbena Deodrant, 237 ml

Wahl Doggie Coconut Lime Verbena Deodrant, 237 ml

Wahl everyday range of fur-care products are made of plant derived ingredients and are safe for your pet s delicate skin.

Product Detail:
Wahl doggie deodorant refreshes and deodorizes your pet s skin and coat with natural oils. Coconut lime verbena fragrance is designed to give your pet a clean, fresh smell without bathing. Enjoy the delightfully pleasing blend of synergistic blends that are without alcohol and any other known ingredient that might have harmful side effects while keeping your precious pet smelling nice and fresh.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Purified water (aqua), fragrance (parfum), lauryl glucoside (natural wetting agent), vegetable glycerin (natural moisturizer), saccharomyces ferment (deodorizer and skin conditioner), decolorized aloevera (soothing properties), potassium sorbate (freshness assurer).

Features and Benefits:
Given the toxicity of typical perfumes, we made sure our dog deodorizing spray contains no bad ingredients. This fragrance uses only natural plant based and non-toxic ingredients.

Completely Safe
? Designed to be applied on any dog hair types and let air dry, our formula contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful airborne enzymatic compounds. Spray directly onto your pet without having to rub the formula into the fur. No harmful effects to your pet s skin, coat or eyes

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Spray Mechanism
A spray bottle has a trigger lever, piston, spring, cylinder, pump, thin plastic tube, bottle and two one-way valves. The pump mechanism sits in the head of the spray bottle between the two one-way valves located at the reservoir and the nozzle. The pump is made up of the piston, spring and cylinder and is activated by the trigger lever. When the trigger is compressed, the spring pushes the piston into the cylinder, pushing the liquid trapped in the cylinder out

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