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Vitapol Karmeo Premium Food For Budgie 500Gm

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Vitapol Karmeo Premium Food For Budgie 500Gm

Not all birds get rich and favourable surroundings as their habitat majorly due to the increasing anthropogenic activities. Bird food ensures an uninterrupted supply of natural food that provides them complete nutrition. The proper timely availability of balanced diet results in better health of birds and lowers down their mortality rate. Bird food comes in a huge variety customized for particular birds as per their requirement or also a common mix.

Product Detail:
Vitapols Food for Budgie is a complete diet providing the right mix of nutrients for the daily intake of your feathered friend. Birds thrive on a wide assortment of tastes and aromas, and we give you just that With a combination of millets, seeds and cereals, it will not only have shiny feathers but you can give your budgie a long and happy life whilst enjoying the company of a wonderful pet. After all, a healthy budgie is a happy budgie

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Yellow millet, white millet, red millet, canary grass seed, flaxseed, safflower seed, oat groats, peanut, black sunflower seed, stripped sunflower seed, niger seed, white sorghum, red sorghum, corn flour, carotene, alfalfa meal and wheat flour.

Features and Benefits:
Complete balanced easily digestible food, made with the best quality seeds
Positive effect on the digestive system making feathers healthy and shiny
Provides necessary minerals and vitamins
Maintains ideal weight of birds

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Directions: Give 2-3 teaspoons per day depending on your bird s appetite

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