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Vetoquinol Fixotic Advance Spray, 100 ml


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Vetoquinol Fixotic Advance Spray, 100 ml

Vitoquinol focus is on the well-being of animals and humans, with their teams working to achieve this goal.

By leveraging their expertise, They have established a genuine relationship of trust with customers and strive to enhance this partnership. By offering Innovative products and services they respond to everyday needs of customers (veterinarians, breeders and pet owners). Their ongoing commitment and continuous improvement ensures that they constantly strive to carry out their mission.

Product Detail:
Fixotic Advance is effective for the prevention & control of ectoparasites i.e. Ticks, Fleas & chewing Lice in dogs & cats. Easy application and fast absortion on pets skin.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
a)Fipronil 0.25% w/v
b)S-Metoprene 0.22 % w/V

Features and Benefits:
Indications: Control and treatment of all stages of flea infestations (Egg,Larvel,Pupa and Adult), Ticks & Lice in Dog. Controls Flea allergy dermatitis when applied monthly.

User Guidelines:
.Directions for use of Fixotic Advance:
Preferably bath the pet 1 day before application of fixotic.

Shake it well & spray it against the direction of hair except eyes, nose & mouth from a distance of 15 cm. Let the animal be air dried. If needed, massage for proper distribution. Wear hand gloves.

Use as directed by veterinarian.

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