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Recovery Can Food For Dogs 400 gm


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Recovery Can Food For Dogs 400 gm

complete and balanced dietetic food for dogs, the administration of which supports recovery and normal nutrition. It has a high energy value, a high concentration of essential nutrients and highly digestible substances (chicken 61% and rice 1%). The MOS (mannan oligosaccharides) contained in the food stimulate the immune processes in the intestines.

Nutritional information:

The food meets the nutritional needs of adult dogs
consult your veterinarian before giving or extending the feeding period
the diet should be given in accordance with the nutritional recommendations as the only food adapted to the age, breed and activity of the animal. Recommended administration time until recovery is achieved.
the animal must have constant access to fresh water. After opening, store in the refrigerator. Feed the diet at room temperature.

Composition : meat and animal derivatives (chicken 61%), rice 6%, minerals 1%, derivatives of vegetable origin (0.1% MOS, 0.1% FOS), oils and fats (salmon oil 0.2%).

Additives: vitamin D3 200 IU, L-carnitine 200 mg, zinc as zinc sulphate monohydrate 25 mg, manganese as sulphate monohydrate 1.4 mg, iodine as calcium iodate anhydrous 0.75 mg, copper as copper sulphate pentahydrate 2 mg

Analytical ingredients/ready food:

Crude protein 10.00%

Crude oils and fats 8.50%

Omega-3 fatty acids 0.20%

Omega-6 fatty acids 1.50%

Carbs (calculated) 5.90%

crude fiber 0.40%

Raw ash 2.20%

Humidity 73.00%

Calcium 0.24%

Phosphorus 0.18%

Vitamin D3 200 IU/kg

Vitamin E 20 IU/kg

Vitamin B1 10mg/kg

Vitamin B2 6mg/kg

Vitamin B6 2mg/kg

Vitamin B12 75 mcg/kg

Nicotinamide 15 mg/kg

Calcium pantothenate 9 mg/kg

Folic acid 0.35mg/kg

Biotin 300 mcg/kg

Choline chloride 1.2 g/kg

Iodine 0.75 mg/kg

Copper 1.7 mg/kg

Manganese 1.4mg/kg

Zinc 25mg/kg

L-carnitine 200 mg/kg

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