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Petcare ProviBoost Supplement for Pets, 200 ml

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Petcare ProviBoost Supplement for Pets, 200 ml

Petcare ProviBoost Supplement for Pets, 200 ml

Petcare Nutricoat: Advance Supplement For Dogs is a scientifically designed feed supplement which is a blend of the most active form of essential fatty acids. It contains essential amino acids and vitamin supplements that help optimise growth. Besides contributing to a healthy coat, it also helps strengthen your pet ability to resist and fight diseases. This formula is fortified with arginine and biotin.

Product Detail:
Indications and Uses:

Multivitamin supplement

For overall body growth and skin care

Key Ingredients:

Key Benefits:
It keeps strong bones and joints
It can also be used as an effective medicine against Pyoderma, Mange, Yeast infection, Flea Bite Dermatitis, Atopy and most other types of fungal skin infections
Useful for maintaining healthy skin
Maintains coat
Balances metabolism of your pet

Directions For Use:
Use Petcare Nutricoat Advance Supplement For Dogs as suggested by doctor
The recommended dosage is 0.5ml for every kilogram of body weight to be given once daily

Safety Information:
For animal use only
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children
Should be protected from direct light

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