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Pet Paw Interactive Wooden Ball Toy For Cat


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Pet Paw Interactive Wooden Ball Toy For Cat

Pet Paw is one of its kind Make in India Brand deals with the whole range of pet products in diverse segments keeping in mind the daily needs & comfort for your beloved pet .Pet Paw products are designed in way to best fit all kind of requirements for varied species and breeds of pets. Pets are one among our Family members. We at Pet Paw try to offer the best of the products to fulfil the needs of the pets and the pet owners. Pet Paw products bring joy and happiness, making life of the pets and pet owners more Delightful.

Product Detail:

Natural wood: A pure green product produced in the forest, dried and dehydrated. It is a plant that cats love very much and is called “”cat medicine””.

Increase appetite: After using this catnip ball, your pet will have a strong appetite. When the cat has no appetite, add a little bit of matata powder to make the cat appetite.

Tooth cleaning: This catnip ball is filled with unique fragrance and fresh mint to keep the cat’s mouth clean.

Attract cats: The combination of silvervine stick, catnip ball will make cats more interest compared to other cat toys.

Relieve Stress: This cat sticks will help your cat relax and reduce their anxiety. When they are home alone or in a new environment, they can take out it to ease their feelings of loneliness and discomfort.


With this product, the cat will no longer be lazy and sullen since then, and helps redirect destructive behavior to keep your furniture from being destroy.


Color: wood color

Structure: built-in catnip ball

Material: Silverline wood, catnip

Category: Biting Toys


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