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Pedigree Puppy And Adult 100% Vegetarian Dog Food, 1.2 KG


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Pedigree Puppy And Adult 100% Vegetarian Dog Food, 1.2 KG

Pedigree Puppy & Adult is a complete and balanced meal that is 100 vegetarian.

Product Detail:
It is packed with protein from soyabean and vegetable oil and essential vitamins and minerals from vegetables. Not only does it support digestive health and natural defences, it also supports strong muscles, bones and teeth as well as coat health. Dogs require 2x Calcium, 2.5x Iron & 9x Vitamin B12 than human beings, which your dog can get from this variant of the Pedigree puppy and dog food range.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Cereals and Cereal By-Product, Soyabean Products (Soyabean Meal, Soybean Oil, Isolated Soya Protein), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Vitamins & Minerals, Permitted Preservatives Flavours & Colours, Iodised Salt, Milk Powder, Choline Chloride, Antioxidants, Pea Powder, Carrot Powder.

Nutritional Analysis:
Min. crude protein: 24%
Min. crude fat: 10%
Max. crude fibre: 5%

Features and Benefits:
The new Pedigree contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat. It contains a special blend of:
a) Linoleic Acid (Omega 6)
b) Zinc for healthy skin & lustrous coat.

High quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals.

a) Has excellent digestibility: 85%: Fibre from vegetables and cereals for bowel movement.
b) Result in smaller and firmer stools.

a) The new Pedigree contains optimal Calcium levels and right ratio for Ca:P
b) Kibble design: for chewing and mouth feel – good for dental health.

a) Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from (fresh) meat.
b) Vitamin E which helps in strengthening the dog’s immune system.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
It is important to have a feeding schedule to set your bundle of joy up for a long, healthy and happy life ahead.
Always keep Fresh Water while Serving to your Pet.

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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