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Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits Dog Treat Chicken Flavour, 500gm


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Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits Dog Treat Chicken Flavour, 500gm

Pedigree is a widely used pet food. The Pedigree Foods are prepared with Reseach done by the Experts which ensures the best ingredients are used and which
are suitable for entire Pet Range. A Healthy and Hygiene Food which helps your pet grow immune system actively. Please use the feeding guide while serving your Pet.

Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits are delightfully crunchy and nutritious biscuits that are perfect for daily training sessions or as a during festive season.

Product Detail:
Pedigree Biscuits are an ideal festive treat for dogs made to taste delicious, while it s also nutritious with added essential vitamins and minerals. These tasty bone-shaped come filled with goodness of protein as well as a source of calcium. Each portion of the treat helps meet 10% of your pet s daily energy requirement. Biscrok is recommended for all dog breeds & life stages over 4 months of age and can be given as a for dogs.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Cereals and Cereal by-products | Chicken and Chicken by-products | Meat and Meat by-products| Sugar | Glycerol | Soybean Oil | Iodized Salt | Calcium Carbonate | Antioxidants | Vitamins & Minerals| Permitted preservatives, colors & flavors

Features and Benefits:
Filled with the goodness of Protein
Source of Calcium
Fortified with vitamins, minerals & omega fatty acids
Bone-shaped dog Biscuits

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Pedigree dog food is suited for all dog breeds from Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd.

Provide a separate bowl of clean drinking water while feeding.

When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is properly sealed.
On opening the pack, store Pedigree dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool and dry place.

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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