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Papa Pawsome Soft And Shine Detangling Serum 50ml

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Papa Pawsome Soft And Shine Detangling Serum 50ml

Papa Pawsome Soft And Shine Detangling Serum 50ml

It is an ideal choice for your Dogs and Puppies to moisturize the coat that reveal a soft, shiny and smooth texture, detangling the fur. Its natural ingredients such as Argan oil, Jojoba oil and aloe extracts ensure a healthy coat for your furry friend. So, give your pet moments of care and get your love growing for them

Product Detail:
Argan Oil
Argan oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids that maintain the health of your Dog’s fur. The fatty acid in this oil helps in hydrating and moisturizing the fur and making them look beautiful and smooth.

Jajoba Oil
It is considered extremely well for the fur of Dogs, as it is helpful in moisturizing the fur while adding the shine and smooth texture to it. It improves the coat and makes your dog look adorable.

Aloe Extracts
Aloe vera is a miraculous ingredient for the fur as it brings the shine and removes the dullness, tangles, and dryness from it by providing essential nutrients to it.

Ingredients and Nutritions:

Features and Benefits:
Removes Tangle
Add Shine
Provides Moisture
Gives smooth Texture

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Directions: Take small quanty in your palm and rub them together. Run hands through your dog’s coat, rubbing into the skin and the fur. Massage gentlely in circular motion. Brush throughly in direction of coat. Age: 6 weeks, We love animals as much as you do. Silicone free formula, makes coat soft and shine, helps detangle fur. It contains no silicones, parabens and mineral oils and no artificial perfumes.

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