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Nunbell Wet Wipes (20cmx30cm) 20 Wipes


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Nunbell Wet Wipes (20cmx30cm) 20 Wipes

Nunbell Wet Wipes (20cmx30cm) 20 Wipes

As pet lovers Nunbell, They are passionate about offering the best products that will help achieve a peaceful coexistence and bond between dogs and their owners. Nunbell means design and quality. Everything the fur kids parents need are to keep tails wagging. From collars to toys to training equipment, all fur kids are well catered for at Nunbell.

Product Detail:
Nubell Pet care wipes cleanse and polish the hair of dogs, cats and puppies every day. Practicle wipes are useful at home and outdoor walks and when it rains todeodorize and refresh your animal.

Size:20 x 30 cm (20 pieces)
Material:Soft Wipes

Features and Benefits:
Cleanse smell and Polish the Hair. Keeps your pet clean always.

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Nunbell Wet Wipes (20cmx30cm) 20 Wipes


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