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me-o pouch kitten cat food tuna in jelly (5+1)


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me-o pouch kitten cat food tuna in jelly (5+1)

me-o pouch kitten cat food tuna in jelly (5+1)

Me-O wet cat food is a complete and wholesome meal for adult cats of all breeds.

Key Features:

Made from high-quality ingredients including real fish
Promotes healthy skin and coat
Contains taurine that improves eyesight
High in Vitamin C to boost the immunity system
Low sodium formula helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, and kidney and heart disease
Contains calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D to strengthen teeth and bones
Veg/Non-veg: Non-veg

Suitable for: Kittens of all breeds

Let’s face it – that tantalizing aroma doesn’t just get your cat’s mouth-watering, now, does it? Wet cat food – where nutrition meets taste and where taste meets appetite. Wet cat food is power-packed with the nutrition required for cats to grow well, maintain optimum health, strengthen immunity, and prevent diseases. Apart from this, wet food is one of the best options for picky eaters or those with digestive and/or oral problems resulting from tooth loss, gum problems, sickness, injury, or recovery. Given the wide variety and delectable wet cat food combinations available, even the pickiest of eaters will find something to like in gravy, loaves, shredded cat food, and flaked cat food. Whether you choose whiskas wet cat food, Royal Canin wet cat food, or Sheba wet cat food, when you buy with Petsy, you rest assured that quality is never compromised

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me-o pouch kitten cat food tuna in jelly (5+1)


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