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Me-O Persian Kitten Dry Food, 400 gms

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Me-O Persian Kitten Dry Food, 400 gms

Me-O Persian Kitten Dry Food, 400 gms

Me-O Persian Kitten Food is a naturally Complete and Balanced food for Kittens. It provides healthy skin and coat and other benefits for your feline.

Product Detail:
Me-O Persian Kitten is scientifically formulated especially for some special need of Persian Kittens. During the growth period, Persian Kitten needs food that rich in nutrition and vitamins needed for ideal growth, this deliciously crunchy food provides your persian kitten with something to look forward to every meal.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Poultry by product meal Rice, Soybean meal, Corn, Corn gluten meal, Poultry fat, Full fat soybean, Fish meal, Egg Powder, Beet Pulp, Flax seed, Milk replacer, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Brewers dried yeast, Minerals, lecithin, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Vitamins, DL-Methionine, Taurine, Antioxidants, Food Coloring.

Features and Benefits:
Healthy Digestive system.
Healthy Vision.
Healthy Bones and Teeth.
Healthy Skin and Coat.
Healthy Growth.
Enhanced Brain Function.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Always Keep the Bag sealedd or tightly closed in another container after opening.

Please store food in cool and dry place.

Avoid storing food under direct sunlight.

The amount of feeding can be adjusted acoording to your Kitten breed, weight, and activity level.

Clean drinking water should be provided to your Persian kittens at all time.

Doctor's Tip & Nutrition

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Me-O Persian Kitten Dry Food, 400 gms

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